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Not enough time to compile notes? Exams are just on the next bend, and you don’t have the right study material?

Management students have to refer to several books in order to compile notes on a single topic. Plenty of good Indian and international books are available, but not all students have the time to dig through them.

Since students and teachers can share their notes freely on Easy Management Notes, it has helped us to build our own library on an array of topics, and we are sure to have a solution for any notes problem students encounter.

Whether enrolled for on-campus management course or a distant learning program, one common problem management students across India face is ‘limited time to compile notes.’ But, not anymore! The World Wide Web is here to change everything and the manner in which we acquired knowledge, compiled notes or shared our expertise with others has changed too. The Easy Management Notes platform is playing an important role in this ongoing transformation by building a supply chain of important MBA study material that management students in India find it hard to get their hands on.

Our MBA notes are uniquely designed and curated for management students in India. You can now devote more time to presentations and assignments, while we have your back with the notes prepared by experienced and highly qualified management educationists.

So, you need to have continued access to the latest study material and easy to comprehend notes. Here at Easy Management Notes, we provide you exactly that. As our portal member, you will have easy access to different topics related to Management, Marketing and Advertising subjects.

Learn Quickly and Learn Better

The best thing about our online MBA notes is that they present to you every important aspect of a topic in the most comprehensible way possible. You can avoid the pressure of reading 30/40 pages continuously and that too 3/4 times at a stretch to understand a single problem or topic.

Get Quick Help Just Before Exams

Often, you don’t have time to revise details of every single chapter before appearing for an examination. Online notes come handy during such times. You get all major points on a single interface without having to shuffle and search through the pages.

However, the thing that makes our online notes best is that they are formulated and revised continuously by management professionals, who know how the system works, and whose credibility is known to all.

So, whether you are a management student studying in a leading management school in India or you’re preparing for your management entrance tests, savoring help from online notes is always going to put you on the right side.

Get access to updated study material. Just like books, which are revised annually, our staff also keeps revising online notes to accommodate ongoing changes in business management. Like they say, fundamental methods hardly undergo any changes but business strategies and tactics never remain the same. The latter keep changing, always.

ManagementDefinition of Management
Business management and business management courses
What are the Principles of Scientific Management?
What are the Techniques of Scientific Management?
What is Scientific Management?
Management as an Art, Science & Profession
What are the difference between Management and Administration?
What are the different Levels of Management?
What are the Principles of Management by Fayol?
Marketing What is Marketing?
What is Marketing Research?
What are the Significance of Marketing Strategy?
What is Integrated Marketing Communications?
What is Social Media Marketing?
What is E-Commerce?
Factors influencing consumer behavior
Retail Management
Meaning of supply chain management
AdvertisementWhat is Advertising Management?
What are the Objectives and Importance of Advertising?
What are the different types of Advertising Management?
Whats is Outdoor Advertising?
What is Marketing Communications?
What is the Process of Marketing Communication?
Human Resource ManagementPersonnel Management Vs Human Resource Management
Responsibilities of Human Resource Manager
Level of Human Resource Management
Functions of Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management
Financial ManagementCapital Structure - Meaning and Factors Determining Capital Structure
Financial Planning- Definition, Objectives and Importance
Overview of Capitalization in Finance
Role And Responsibilities Of The Financial Manager
Introduction to Financial Management
International Business
Overview of International Business
Objective Of International Business
Types of International Business
Factors Affecting International Business
Advantages and disadvantages of International Business
Retail ManagementIntroduction to Retail Management
Classification of Retailers
Factors Choosing Retail Location
Retail Selling Process
Tips for Success in Retail Marketing
Business ResearchBusiness Research Steps with Example
Business Research vs. Management Research
Scope Of Business Research
Types And Methodologies Of Business Research
What Is Business Research?
Business LawContract Act 1872: Meaning, Elements of Valid Contracts
Overview of Companies Act 1956
Overview of Consumer Protection Act
Overview of Partnership Act
What is the Meaning and Importance of Business Law?
Business CommunicationBusiness Communication: Meaning, Process of communication
Business Writing: Overview & Process of Business Writing
Different Channels of communications, Barriers to communication
Listening: Meaning and Principles
Spoken Skills: Overview, Importance & Types of Spoken Skills
EntreprepreneurshipMeaning and Definition of Entrepreneur
Classification of Entrepreneurs
Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
Overview of Entrepreneurial Skills
Entrepreneurship: Meaning, Process, Functions and Barriers
Operation ManagementOperations management: Meaning, Definitions and Principles
Operation Strategy: Definitions, Types and Steps to write Operation Strategy
Operation Planning: Overview, Example and Purpose
Inventory Management: Meaning, Objective and Techniques
Different Roles in Operation Management
Supply ChainBasic Steps of Supply Chain Management
Details Of Marketing Channel And Types Of Marketing Channel
Supply Chain Management: Definition, Objective and components of Supply chain management
Logistics: Definition, Functions & Objectives
Overview of Material Handling: Definition, Function, and objectives of material handling
Strategic ManagementDifferent Issues In Strategies Implementation
Different models of Strategic Management
Overview of Strategic management: Definition, Features, and components
Strategic Management in Global Environment
Strategic Management Process: Details and Purposes
Overview of Financing SourceAdvantages of Long-Term Financing
Advantages of Short-Term Finance
Introduction to Long-Term Financing
Introduction to Short-Term Financing
Sources of Long-Term Finance
Sources of Short-Term Finance
Managerial EconomicsManagerial Economics Overview:Definition,Nature and Types
Managerial Economics Versus Micro Economics
Role of a Managerial Economist
Scope & Principles of Managerial Economics
Theory of Demand in Details
Business EthicsIntroduction To Business Ethics
Types and Principles of Business Ethics
Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
Factors Influencing Business Ethics In An Organization
Social Responsibility of Business
Overview of LeadershipOverview of Leadership
Qualities, Role and Strategy of Leadership
Mastering Leadership Ethics for Positive Impact
Leader Vs Manager
5 Leadership levels by John C. Maxwell
10 Leadership Styles To Learn in Management
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