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Welcome to Easy Management Notes! A one-of-its-kind portal where you can get the best and most valuable information about MBA examinations and more. As an educational portal, we provide detailed information related to admissions, eligibility criteria for MBA, study notes, MBA test preparation, and much more.

As we all know, Distance MBA programs offer flexibility to students. Furthermore, it helps them to save costs on learning about business administration at the convenience of their place. Students can study from the comfort of any location they like. Meanwhile, they have access to a wide range of course offerings, educational guest posts, and much more.

Unfortunately, not getting the right guidance when students actually need refrain them from making the right career decision. At EMN, we ensure to deliver every information possible related to Management Courses in the form of notes, admission details, etc., so that students aspiring to get into this field can proceed and progress confidently.

About Easy Management Notes (EMN)

MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is one of the most sought-after courses globally. Students nowadays want to pursue an MBA, bag a high-salaried job or start a business enterprise. Anyone with management and leadership skills, an excellent academic record, and a business mindset can apply for MBA. It would be best if you had it within yourself to make it to the top B-schools in India and worldwide.

A management student finds it exceedingly arduous to balance studies, current affairs, Management, lessons, practice, etc. There is so much to do in so less time. Hence, Easy Management Notes has come up with a unique solution to bring down the complexities.

We are an MBA portal. Consider us the ideal platform where all your management studies-related issues, doubts, and queries will be cleared. Easy Management Notes is the perfect destination to access study notes, interviews from prominent industry personalities, educational resources, pdf, research papers, and many more. There is no need to look further for relevant information. Easy Management Notes is a highly informative portal for those looking for online MBA study materials, management articles, and much more. At Easy Management Notes, we have gathered all the valuable inputs so that the management students can conveniently access all the contents in one place.

Why Easy Management Notes Is Popular Among Students?

Easy Management Notes is unique in its approach to helping management students. We provide valuable information about MBA examinations, admissions, eligibility criteria, etc.

You will get highly informative and engaging content related to entrance examinations, tips and tricks to crack those exams, study tips, research papers, educational resources, case studies, PDF PPT presentations, and so on.

Easy Management Notes allow guest speakers, lecturers, and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, experience, ideas, study methodologies, etc. These ideas prove to be exceedingly valuable for management students. One can find online certifications related to the study of management fundamentals, consulting, principles of Management, leadership and organizational behavior, management skills, and much more.

We offer what’s latest!

The data and information we offer at our portal are always up-to-date and per the latest educational structure. Since the MBA is a highly dynamic course and its rules and regulations keep changing more often than not, we ensure that we offer the latest information to the students.

You’ll find everything in one place

Easy Management Notes save you time by offering all the valuable details and resources in one place. You need to spend less time browsing the internet for relevant information. You will get everything in one place using our MBA study portal – online mock tests and downloadable study notes based on various topics.

Expert Tips From Those Who Have Succeeded

You get pro tips from entrepreneurs, guest lecturers, ex-students, etc. These tips are much more valuable than any renowned MBA coaching institute because they come from their experience.

…And our statistics show it for us!

No, we are not bragging about the love and acceptance we’ve received from our audience. Students truly believe in our content and our website stats are quite an evidence! Our Easy Management Notes website attracts around 1.23 lakh yearly users or visitors from more than 50 counties worldwide. The best part is that our management articles are read by the users, visitors, and students while they engage themselves with us through emails and comments. The average time recorded for a user who stays on our website is around 5 minutes and 37 seconds.

So, How Contributing Guest Posts on EMN Will Benefit The Contributors?

In the above section, we shared a glimpse of our website traffic, visitors, and other statistics. You can feel the difference in ranking if you are a guest post contributor. It is because our website ranks in the top PA/DA websites (page and domain authority). Furthermore, your brand can gain the trust and confidence of the target audience. Here’s how EMN can benefit you if you a become guest post contributor here:

  • Guest posting on Easy Management Notes helps your brand to get better exposure to a new audience. Here, website traffic plays a significant role, as it is the lifeline of online marketing.
  • With the help of quality articles, you post on our website, we help you to achieve a better social media presence. You can generate more followers in the long run.
  • Conversion of the target audience into potential customers can take time and effort. However, guest post contributors can ensure that their brand gets the best online authority and credibility.
  • Backlinks come to the rescue when it is about website traffic from every angle. As a contributor, you can link your website with us. The result will be that your brand gets better relevance in Google and other search engines.

Guidelines and Terms for Contributors

If you have a flair for writing, you can showcase your skills with us using the ‘Submit article’ section. We welcome educational guest post articles and blogs related to MBA programs, education, study material, and more that link to education. You can access high-quality content as an expert in educational blogs and writing. It helps our students and readers to grab much more knowledge diversely.

We welcome the following topics for our guest post contributors.

  • MBA Study
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Career
  • Interview
  • Study Abroad
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource
  • Educational
  • Public Speaking
  • Motivations
  • Technology

Note: Any article related to the gaming industry, adult content, casino, gambling, off-topics, digital marketing & promotions will not be entertained on our website. We do not accept articles that talk about something harmful to the readers.

  • The article should be unique and have more than 800 words.
  • Make sure to use some live examples in your article/blog content.
  • We have the right to edit the articles accordingly.
  • Please provide us with your headshot, a brief bio, and a working email ID.
  • Make the article as per user intent, not for promotional purposes. Promotional articles will not be accepted. Use headings, short paragraphs, lists, graphics, examples/stats, etc.
  • Submit articles that are 100% solely for Easy Management Notes, and they should not be posted on any other website without providing a reference link.

The Easy Management Notes team will get back to you if everything looks fine, considering you have followed the guest posting contributors guidelines.

So, if you want to share your knowledge or information on Management and make it accessible to a wider audience base, write for us! Send your entries at and our editorial team will reach to you soon.

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