Personnel Management Vs Human Resource Management


Difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

Personnel Management was the seed which gradually evolved into Human Resource Management. Employees during the Personnel management era didn’t have any freedom to make work related decisions or interact with the management. In personnel management, a personnel officer was used to be appointed to ensure compliance with the labour laws but with not much emphasis towards motivation and welfare of employees. They were treated as tools and as an obligation to the organization rather than an asset and as a cost and expenditure rather than capital and investment. The main principle of the Personnel management was to extract work from an employee for the remuneration paid.

Human Resource Management shares a different approach from personal management. It considers employees as the most valuable asset and capital for an organization. Motivation of employees is a basic feature of HRM, and they have more freedom of expressing their ideas and suggestions. Main principle of the Human resource management is to see what should be given to an employee for extracting the desired work.

The main difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management is integration and augmentation of information technologies for enhanced productivity and time saving.

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Fundamental right of an employee

• Right against discrimination at workplace
• Equal pay for equal work
• Working hours and weekly holiday
• Salary or wages
• Payment for overtime
• Payment of gratuity
• Payment of Bonus
• Provident Fund
• Maternity leave
• Paternity leave
• Compensation in case of accidents, injuries and death of an employee
• Workers participation in the management
• Protection against sexual harassment at workplace

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