What is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Being a social creature, humans love to interact and communicate with each other.  While globalization has reduced the worldly boundaries, internet has changed the way the people interact and socialize. Now, people need not to write letters or make a telephone call at the STD booths to talk to a relative or a friend.  Instead, you can stay in touch with your near and dear ones instantaneously or in real time. Thanks to the internet technology!

Among the numerous innovations and discoveries by the internet technology, one of the very significant is the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM).

Social Media Marketing

“Social media marketing refers to the techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products.” Social networking not only refers to the instant messaging and other forums or blogs where people discuss certain topics, it also include using social media sites for sharing pictures, videos, movies, music, and other forms of shareable information. Because of the varied services these social media platforms offer, they are extremely popular among the people. For instance, YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows you to upload and download videos on internet. Hence, millions of viewers log into it every minute to view the latest movies, videos, songs, etc.

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Social Media is also a great source of all type of information. The best example to it is the Wikipedia. It is a popular platform for finding adequate information about a particular topic. Wikipedia is a great platform allowing everyone to share and contribute information, definitions and explanations. The information provided on Wikipedia can be built, reviewed, edited and reformed through the collective efforts of people interested in the particular topic. And perhaps, Wikipedia is best example of social media network that brings people close to discuss, communicate and create content that is useful to all. Hence, Wikipedia best describes the development and power of social media.

Apart from being significant to common people, Social media is a powerful tool for those belonging to the marketing industry. Social media marketing symbolizes online promotions, buying and selling of products and services between marketers and the customers.

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The availability of widespread audience on the internet facilitated organizations to easily reach out to their prospective customers and promote their products and services. This helps marketers to build opinion about their brand and initiate discussion about their products with interested buyers. Not only this, promoting a brand online also helps the customers know about the latest products and services in the market. Apart from this, marketers can also get real feedback about their brand from the customers, which further help them improve their products and services according to the expectations of their target customers.

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