What is Marketing Communications?

What Is Marketing Communications?

Marketing Communications is a predominant part of what is known as the marketing mix. The marketing mix basically defines the 4Ps of Marketing and Promotion. It is the message which an Organization conveys to the market. One needs to be very particular about the different messages that are being conveyed through various mediums for the purpose of Marketing.

Conventionally, printed marketing was the basic method of conveying the messages to the consumers. However, in recent times, emails, blogs, television and company websites have become an up-to-the-minute way of conveying the organization’s message to the consumers. It becomes important that the message you give in one medium should relate with the message provided through the other medium. For example, one should use the same logo on your website as the one you are using in your email messages.

Looking at the above reasons, people scheming out the marketing communication process thus become very important for the company. These executives play an important role of formulating out an integrated marketing communication process by conveying the messages of their organization through different mediums to the consumers.

Let us now understand the marketing communication process.

The Marketing Communication Process

A marketing communication process identifies where the investments have been done and what is it that is adding on to the investment, thus letting you to the opportunity to alter the advertising campaign, for generating out maximum benefits.

The first stage includes the strategic development in which creation of a marketing communication program takes place. At this stage, an organization decides what all will define their advertising group. In the Second stage, the responses of the consumers are captured, recorded and maintained as advertising statistics. Further, the executives examine and evaluate the data to generate important reports as an aid to the distribution of the integrated marketing and communications budget.

The integrated marketing communications is considered as a data-driven approach identifying the consumer insights and developing a strategy using the appropriate combination of offline and online channels. This helps effectively in building a stronger brand-consumer relationship. Selecting the most suitable communication elements is essential for the success of any business and should be effective across all platforms. After successful accomplishment of the integrated marketing process, the company can collect rich dividends from it.

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