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A presentation is the most effective way to communicate ideas to students in less time and with the help of practical examples. We already have a huge collection of presentations on most management topics. For the one’s we don’t, you can always put in a request and we shall try to have it delivered in the shortest time span.

Students running out of time to prepare class presentations can also benefit from our material. They can download pdf’s and ppts, take ideas and develop upon them as required.

Do you hate spending countless hours of thinking to prepare PDFs and PPTs? If you are a management student, these two are going to be an inevitable part of your classroom routine.

Not just management students, even teachers and educators are using PPTs and PDFs for making classroom interactions more interesting and engaging. They are using them as effective tools in communicating ideas to students in a better, more refined and time saving manner.

This is why we have built up a huge collection of (updated) PPTs and PDFs, meant for management students and teachers in India.

Using PPTs and PDFs for learning and teaching is a smart idea. Here’s why:

Engaging PPTs and PDFs

Our short and concise PPTs and PDFs are lush with examples that let you master management subjects with accuracy and quickly. Facts and data presented in them are regularly updated by our experts with years of hands-on experience.

You can have access to PPTs and PDFs for management, marketing and advertising.

PPTs and PDFs with Optimum and Lively Graphics & Animation

Generating lively graphics and animation in PPTs and PDFs can be tricky for those who are not very tech savvy.

Is this making your presentation look dull? Time has come to make teaching and learning more effortless. You can choose from our vast collection of PPTs and PDFs, apt for management teachers and students both.

PPTs and PDFs that Promote Continuous learning

Since we add new presentations every week, you will always have access to everything latest.

If there’s a topic we haven’t covered yet, feel free to make suggestions or ask for customized presentations. Our experts will help compile new presentations and cover as many topics as required.

Designed By Experts

All presentations available on our website are created with the help of domain specialists and instructional designers. We ensure that these presentations are not just computer friendly, but can be viewed easily on tablets and mobile devices.

Students in India may still be new to the concept of online learning material, but the trend is fast picking pace. EMN is a reliable source with an ever expanding user base.

Be the next one to join us; do forward your queries if any. You can write to us at and we shall reply within 24-48 hours.

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