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One thing students have in common is a long list of unsolved questions. Whether you are a management student or a budding scientist, myriads of questions keep on pondering in your head. While it’s easy to find solutions to some of those, you usually look out for mentors, professionals or experts to answer your unresolved queries.

Here is where Easy Management Notes can help you!

Meet the subject experts, top industrialists, entrepreneurs, guest lecturers and more and seek knowledge from them directly.

Management is a vast subject and covers a broad comprehensible range of topics from finance, economics, business administration, and marketing. As a management aspirant, you might come across several topics that need special guidance. While there are many books out there to provide adequate information, having a subject expert who could give you practical knowledge can be very significant.

How Can We Help?

• We will contact successful industrialists, entrepreneurs, college professors, top guest lecturers, public speakers from all over the nation.
• We will conduct their interviews on various topics related to management and MBA.
• We will share the interviews on our website and social media profiles.
• We welcome both the interviewee and interviewers to our platform.

Benefits of our Interview Program

Our interviews service program is unique in itself as it is intended to benefit each participant. Whether you are a student or the guest to be interviewed, our interview program will cater to all your needs.
• The students can send us their queries through emails for which they need the answers/solutions from the
• It is a great platform for professionals and experts seeking exposure to showcase their knowledge and skills in the field of management.
• For the experts, sharing the interviews across our social media will spread awareness among the students and other audience about your work, and create your online presence.
• Discussions on topics that are complex to understand without a mentor’s intervention to resolve intricate doubts.

A few points to consider:

•  Topics should be on management, career on management, work ethics, motivations during work, challenges faced etc.
•  It’s not chargeable. However, we do paid promotions for maximum views for a limited time.

Drop us an email here at to show your interest and we will contact you soon.

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