Why a placement cell is necessary for every business school?

Why A Placement Cell Is Necessary For Every Business School?

There is a very famous saying, “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. This saying holds true to veracity even today. We you indulge in something you love; you never feel stressed due to that. The work is never an obligation for you, and you just end up enjoying your work. Wondering how placement cell helps students?

The main problem arises when you are oblivious to your career options and you start questioning your own potential. In these dubious circumstances, your college, your faculty and your peer group can help. The most important place that is of help to you is the placement cell. The placement cell is a great place to sort your queries and shape your career path.

When you have the determination to reach at a position in your life, you need to assimilate one thing: you need to start from somewhere in your life. When you are not sure about your abilities, the placement cell will help you. The placement cell team will talk to you, counsel you and bring you to the right path.

While we are talking about why a placement cell is necessary for every business school, let us understand the work of placement cell to get a clear idea:

1. Career Counselling: This is the most important task of a placement cell. Students reach out to placement cell team only because they are uncertain about their careers. The placement cell of the business schools hire professional career counsellors who talk to the students and suggest the right path according to the opportunities outside.

2. Workshops: The placement department is responsible to conduct career workshops for students. Here, they call seasoned experts from the industry to talk to the students. These experts are called from every business arena so that the students can take a macro view of the industry.

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3. Training and Development: Training and development is an inherent part of a placement cell. If a student wishes to take some special training or wish to acquire some certifications along with the academic course, the placement cell finds the right place to fit in the candidate.

4. Mock Interviews: The placement cell of b-schools are responsible to conduct mock interviews. The students should be ready to face the real-life interviews before they move out of college. Placement cell ensures that every student gets the opportunity to experience a mock interview before the actual companies come to the college campus to pick their candidates.

5. Internships and Industrial visits: If you are already a part of a business course, you know how internships and industrial visits are important. They are more important than the theories of classrooms. These visits are also planned and executed by the placement cell team. This adds to the overall development of the student.

6. On-campus placements: Last but not least, a placement cell of business school invites companies and organizations to sell the talent for their growth. It is the team of the placement cell who talks to different organizations, and convince them to visit the campus and conduct interviews. Placement cell helps a student land in his or her dream job.

Having discussed the above-mentioned points, we conclude that a training and placement cell is very important for all business schools. These schools look forward to personality development more than the academic development, and a placement cells helps to nurture and polish a student’s personality well.

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