Join with us as a Guest Lecturer

Join with Us as A Guest Lecturer

Every day, we get a number of queries from the students about management & related topics. As per the procedure of EMN, we provide them as much study material as they need to resolve their issues. Still, we have been feeling a dire need to do something exceptional for our management aspirants.

Hence, EMN calls out for Guest Lecturers around the globe to be a part of our mission.

The idea behind starting guest lectures on EMN is to guide the students in the best way and helping them in and every aspect of Management. As an experienced guest lecturer, you will be able to comprehend their confusions and doubts better & hence resolve them in an effective way.

Who all can participate?

  • Our invite is open to professors, public speakers, and entrepreneurs who are experienced in Management & related subjects.
  • They should have relevant experience in guest lectureship. For example: they should be taking guest lectures in any management institute, college or school.
  • Public Speakers, who have relevant speaking experience on topics like management, marketing, communication, corporate training, organizational behavior, etc., can also be a part of EMN Guest Lecture Program.

Important Points To Consider

  • Please note that we do not charge any fees for associating with us and be a part of this program. Also, we do not offer any compensation for the guest lecture services you’d be offering through our portal.
  • Our program is a win-win for the students as well as the guest lecturers or public speakers. While the students will have opportunities to learn & grow under experienced teachers, guest lecturers will get better exposure for their career (As we also contact agencies to hire/contact speakers from our portal).

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So, if you’re interested to be a part of  Easy Management Notes in order to spread knowledge, write us today at

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