GMAT Talent & Opportunity Scholarship 2023 Winners

GMAT Talent & Opportunity Scholarship 2023 Winners

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) recently revealed the names of 10 remarkable individuals who’ve clinched the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship for 2023.

Established by GMAC in 2022, the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship has a noble mission – to eliminate the financial barriers that often stand in the way of talented students pursuing business education.

Out of nearly 300 applicants representing 23 different countries in Europe, only 10 emerged victorious this year, each securing scholarship support valued at almost $5,000.

Meet the Diverse 2023 Scholarship Winners

This year’s scholarship recipients represent a kaleidoscope of countries across Europe. Four of them call the UK home, followed by three from Sweden, with the rest hailing from Spain, Serbia, and the Netherlands.

Their academic and career backgrounds are equally diverse, spanning fields such as business, pharmaceuticals, law, and investment. For instance, Kasje Persson, a law student at University College London, stands out with her rich international experiences. Having lived in six different countries, speaking three languages, and recently studying abroad in Singapore, Kasje embodies the kind of intercultural awareness that impressed the scholarship judges. This aligns perfectly with a recent GMAC survey that found 81% of business employers seek cross-cultural communication skills.

Another exceptional awardee is Daniel Dipper, a DJ turned Oxford University History and Politics graduate. Before conquering the nightlife scene, Daniel served as Vice President of the world’s largest debating society. Judges recognized his unwavering commitment to increasing accessibility in every endeavor he pursues.

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