How MBA Helped Me in Shaping My Career – Carla Mello

How MBA Helped Me in Shaping My Career - Carla Mello

After pursuing various academic and professional endeavors, Carla found her true passion during her International MBA (IMBA) program at Emlyon Business School. This article explores Carla’s remarkable journey, highlighting the pivotal role her MBA played in helping her shape a successful career in sustainability.

Carla’s Academic Odyssey

Carla’s academic journey began with a master’s degree in chemistry and a promising start to a Ph.D. in biotechnology in her hometown of Barcelona. However, it was her international exposure during research in Germany that ignited her love for a global work environment. Carla reflects, “I was fond of an international environment and exposing myself to other ways of working cultures.”

Following her research experiences, Carla embarked on a globe-trotting adventure, immersing herself in diverse cultures worldwide. This enriching experience further fueled her desire for international exposure. She then ventured into sales and business development with an Italian respiratory protection company, a role she enjoyed but one that eventually felt too comfortable.

Driven by her penchant for challenge and novelty, Carla relocated to France, where her path led her to the Emlyon International MBA program. Although an MBA was not initially on her radar, Carla recognized its potential to help her discover the right career path.

Carla had multiple MBA offers in France but ultimately chose the Emlyon IMBA due to its outstanding reputation, international focus, and captivating curriculum. She saw this as an opportunity to acquire crucial business skills that would complement her research background.

Leveling Up Her Skill Set and Unearthing Her Passion for Sustainability

Carla entered the MBA program to hone her business acumen. She adopted an open mindset, ready to absorb diverse knowledge and perspectives. Carla explains, “I thought: ‘I will take all the information, and I will shape it according to what I want.'”

However, the unexpected happened during her first week at Emlyon. The program delved into sustainability, a topic Carla had not explored before. Surprisingly, sustainability resonated deeply with her values and interests. This serendipitous encounter ignited her passion.

Despite having no prior experience in sustainability, Carla realized that her MBA journey would empower her with the necessary skill set and knowledge to pursue this newfound passion. During her IMBA, she focused on developing her soft skills, including effective communication and the ability to work collaboratively with diverse mindsets.

One of the program’s strengths was its emphasis on experiential learning, which provided Carla with practical insights into sustainability and management. Case studies with renowned companies, including Nestle, exposed her to various sustainability initiatives in the business world, contributing to her growing expertise.

Furthermore, the IMBA encouraged diverse problem-solving approaches by assembling culturally and professionally diverse teams of students. Carla also had the opportunity to study abroad in Thailand and Milan, gaining a broader perspective on her business education.

Carla’s Dream Career in Sustainability

Carla attributes her successful transition into a sustainability career to her robust network, relentless efforts, and unwavering motivation. She proactively reached out to professionals, connected with alumni, and pursued numerous job opportunities.

Her persistence paid off when she received an invitation from a Dutch company to apply for a sustainability position. After a series of rigorous interviews, including one in the Netherlands, Carla secured her dream job. She now serves as a sustainability project manager at Emmi Group, a global dairy company renowned for its high-quality products.

In her role, Carla collaborates with a global team, overseeing sustainability initiatives across European countries and leading greenhouse gas emissions efforts for non-European regions. Her work involves optimizing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainability across the organization.

Every day, Carla finds herself increasingly passionate about her job, and she credits her MBA experience for guiding her toward this fulfilling career path. She acknowledges that the MBA opened her eyes to the critical integration of sustainability in business, a realization that continues to drive her dedication to creating a more sustainable world.

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