Challenges of Integrated Marketing Communication

Challenges of Integrated Marketing Communication

“Integrated marketing communication is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of customers.”

Brand promotion is an essential part of every business; it not only helps businesses to promote their product and services among the target customers but to sustain the cutting edge competition for long.

But what actually is Integrated Marketing Communication?

According to the definition on Wikipedia, “IMC is the use of marketing strategies to optimize the communication of a consistent message of the company’s brands to stakeholders.”

In other words, integrated marketing communication is the coupling of different marketing channels like social media, traditional methods, personal selling, public relations, etc. in a way to harness their benefits individually as well as collectively. It covers activities that stimulate demand which form part of the communications mix in the broader marketing management framework.

While IMC has several benefits, it has its own barriers and limitations.

Barriers to Implementation

  • Internal Conflicts – Implementing IMC in any organizational set-up with strong hierarchy may cause issues due to the disagreements among the staff. It is possible that the peers may not perform well, which further jeopardizes the work environment.

Tip: The organization should have an open perspective where the communication among the peers is purposefully managed.

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  • No support from Top Management – For IMC to succeed in any organization, it is vital to have the commitment from the employees at all the levels, including senior management. Plus, both the marketing and corporate goals should be considered simultaneously. When the senior management is not involved in the process, it could lead to IMC being deprived of useful resources.

Tip: To ensure that IMC’s programme is valuable, higher levels of the business should agree with the efforts of staff in the strategic planning.

  • Merging Technology – Unifying data collected from each channel is a must to ensure that integrated marketing program makes sense for any organization. However, if the organizations do not have the necessary technology to tie the data together, results are naturally limited.

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Have you ever experienced any issues while implementing IMC? Feel free to share your experiences with our readers.

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