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About Easy Management Notes

MBA or Master of Business Administration is right now one of the most sought-after courses across the globe. Students nowadays want to pursue MBA, bag a high-salaried job, or start his or her own business enterprise. Anyone with management and leadership skills, meritorious academic record, and a business mindset can apply for MBA. You need to have it within yourself to make it to the top B-schools in India and across the world.

A management student finds it exceedingly arduous to balance between studies, current affairs, management, lessons, practice, and so on. There is so much to do in so less time. Hence, to bring down the complexities, Easy Management Notes has come up with a unique solution.

Who are we?

We are an MBA portal. You can consider us as the ideal platform where all your management studies related issues, doubts and queries will be cleared. Easy Management Notes is the perfect destination where you can have access to study notes, interviews from prominent personalities of the industry, educational resources, pdf, research papers, and many more. There is absolutely no need to look further for relevant information. Easy Management Notes is a highly informative portal for those who are looking for online MBA study materials. At Easy Management Notes, we have gathered all the valuable inputs so that the management students can conveniently access all the contents in one place.

What makes us different?

Easy Management Notes is unique in its approach to helping management students. We provide valuable information related to MBA examinations, admissions, eligibility criteria, and so on.

You will get highly informative and engaging content related to entrance examinations, tips, and tricks to crack those exams, study tips, research papers, educational resources, case studies, pdf ppt presentations, and so on.

Easy Management Notes allow guest speakers, guest lecturers, entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, experience, ideas, study methodologies, etc. These ideas prove to be exceedingly useful for management students.

Why choose us?

Updated information:

The data and information that we offer at our portal is always up to date and as per the latest educational structure. Since the MBA is a highly dynamic course and its rules and regulations keep on changing more often than not, we make sure that we offer the latest information to the students.

Everything in one place:

Easy Management Notes save your time by offering all the valuable details and resources in one place. You need not spend hours browsing the internet for relevant information. You will get everything in one place by using our MBA study portal.

Pro tips:

You get pro tips right from entrepreneurs, guest lecturers, ex-students, etc. These tips are much more valuable than any renowned MBA coaching institute because the tips come right out of their experience.

Meet Founder –

Meet Ravi Ranjan, the driving force behind Easy Management Notes. With an MBA as his highest qualification, Ravi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

As the Co-Founder of Easy Management Notes, Ravi is on a mission to revolutionize the way MBA students access information. His vision is simple yet powerful: to provide high-quality, comprehensive MBA study materials for free. Ravi believes that education should be accessible to all, and through Easy Management Notes, he is dedicated to making valuable resources available to aspiring business leaders without financial barriers.

Ravi’s passion for digital marketing seamlessly aligns with his commitment to education, creating a platform where students can navigate the world of management studies effortlessly. With a keen eye for innovation and a heart for education, Ravi Ranjan is shaping the future of MBA learning at Easy Management Notes.