Increasing Popularity of MBA in Tourism Industry

Increasing Popularity of MBA Tourism Industries

Undoubtedly, MBA is the most promising degrees these days. When a student is looking forward to grabbing a managerial role in his or her professional career, the only good option to go for is pursuing an MBA. MBA stands for Master’s in Business Administration. Due to the increasing need for managers in every field, the scope of MBA has increased manifolds. Today, you can pursue MBA in various specializations and out of all the options you have, MBA in travel and tourism offers a great scope. Read why tourism industry is growing and why Management aspirants go with this course.

Similar to the other MBA specializations, MBA in travel and tourism is also a 2-year degree program. The program is aimed at teaching the students all the relevant skills that are required to manage a travel company or industry. The graduates of this course particularly work with hospitality and catering companies, hotels, national and international food chains and so on. If we talk about India for a while, it has been proven that India spends 0.97% of its GDP in tourism and the international average expenditure on Tourism is close to 3.8%.

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This proves that the graduates of travel and tourism have a lot of scope in Indian and abroad. MBA in tourism industry will impart administration aptitude, productive communication, critical thinking and various other standards and practices needed to hit the nail in travel and tourism. MBA always imparts acute business knowledge in students. After completing this particular course, the individual can also start his or her own travel venture.

The various job roles played by an MBA in travel and tourism are:

  • Hotel Manager: This is the most obvious role undertaken an individual who has passed MBA in travel and tourism. The manager is in charge of different departments of the hotel such as administration, catering and lodging, sales, storage and other executive departments.
  • Tour Guide: Tour guides play a very important role when people plan their travel. They can be seated at the office or can stroll around to help his or her clients with exploring various destinations. The guide provides all the information about the destination to the travellers, thus, making the trip memorable for them.
  • Travel Agents: These agents can work on their own or can work for giant travel agencies. Their duty is to create groups and prepare all the itineraries for the travellers. From day 1 to the day the travellers return home, everything depends upon how the travel agent plans things for them.
  • Visa Executive: As the name suggests, the visa executive is required to deal with all sorts of visa related questions, they make all the arrangements for the visa and make correspondences with various international embassies.

All these roles are very lucrative, and a student can earn a good living along with a reputable position in the industry. Given the scope of tourism in the whole world, the MBA in travel and tourism scope will keep on increasing.

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