Is it worth to do MBA After CA?

Is it worth to do MBA After CA

I bought SUV after driving sedan .why?


I wanted more powerful engines,

I wanted to have a vehicle with more sitting capacity,

I wanted a driving machine to make” my love to travel”quirk easy and comfortable.

I wish I could answer this question above Is It worth to do MBA after CA.

I believe that the idea of doing MBA only knock in our mind when,

Is it worth to do MBA After CA

You are in urge to enhance your knowledge

C. A. and MBA share the same platform but differ on the conceptualization and presentation. Where c.a work hard to make books look clear, neat and presentable, MBA tries to enhance the product, services and network. So when C.A.wants to explore more perspective to business, he thinks of doing MBA which can be useful if he pursues it from meaningful source.

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You want to add a few more zero to your salary cheque

When you think your potential is not properly explored and you are not justifying your earning. You try to certify. another degree for it. Getting MBA. The degree will surely add your worth only if u get a degree from reputed institutes of India like IIMS, SP JAIN, MDS etc

You are not satisfied with your current profile

 After completing C.A. you earn a decent job at some corporate, but you find your work boring. You want to explore the different dynamics of business. MBA degree gives you that pass to open the door of different opportunities.

You consider MBA as a glamorous profession

Brainstorming session, Presentations, Seminars are some glamorous work added to the MBA profession, which is missing in a little monotonous job of C.A.If you are public figure, extrovert and love demonstrating your ideas, MBA degree can be one of the reasons to  help you,, achieve that work in the company.

Then What is stopping you to do MBA after C.A.

Getting an MBA degree is an expensive affair

As compare to C A., MBA is undoubtedly expensive, but if you crack entrance exams like CAT ,MAT, you can be assured of good salary at the time of your placement, so it’s worth to invest only if you can get through some prestigious institutes of MBA.

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I might lose C.A.worth after pursuing another degree

Knowledge never goes in vain. Corporates love employing multi-dimensional personality and are ready to pay a good salary to them.If  you have the ability to sync  the knowledge from both courses and not let empower on each other you will gain more knowledge and techniques.

I might miss a chance to earn practical experience

it takes two years to pursue MBA degree.If you soon sta

rt working after completion of a C.A. course you would gain a recognizable working experience. There is no substitute for practical experience, but still, theoretical knowledge  helps you with a better perspective of the situation.

I don’t end up in the same position where I was earlier

It’s around 23-25  years of age is When we finished C.A. This is the time in every youth life to make a decision and lay the foundation of future .We want to push our luck bit hard and are ready to take some risk but not to such an extent that, we shaken up our basic foundation of future.

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The major dilemma is not about the course, because if education is conceived from the right place, right people and with the right attitude it is always worthy.

The dilemma is about Are we ready to take that risk and push our luck bit hard?

I would suggest you analyse your own capacity, interest and don’t doubt your own worth.

Author Bio: Nisha Singh is a finance and Accounts enthusiast and content curator at the best ca Institute of india – VSI Jaipur.

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