What MBA Students Can Learn From Industrial Visits?

What MBA Students Can Learn From Industrial Visits

What’s the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear this term? Be it anything, but it is sure to instil excitement in every management student. Offered mostly as a part of every management course, industrial visits play a crucial role in the professional journey of students. It is for the range of benefits it offer, more and more educational institutions are incorporating industrial visits, whether big or small, as a value-added learning method for management students.

But why educational tours are beneficial for management students?

 1. Hands -on Industry Experience: Industrial visits can be considered as study tours for students. Visiting different companies and industries help management students experience the real life environment. They get to see how operations are executed and companies operate in reality. This helps them relate their theoretical knowledge with its practical implementation, which in turn, enhances their understanding of the subject and moreover brings clarity about their future career.

 2. Interactive Learning: Such educational tours offer opportunity to the students to experience interactive learning in the class and outside the classroom. It induces independent learning in the students through experiencing the professional environment outside the classrooms and beyond the books.

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3. Instil Curiosity & Improved Understanding: It is common for the students to give birth to numerous questions during their studies. While it is easy to seek answers to these questions from the books, mentors and lecturers, having to experience the real world has its own benefits. When students get opportunities to meet entrepreneurs, management employees and other professionals, they can directly put up their confusions and queries, which definitely is more satisfying than getting answers from the books or mentors.

 4. Improves Communication & Interpersonal Skills: There is no doubt that industrial visits boost the communication skills of the management students. When they get a chance to meet and interact with industry people, they learn a lot from them, in terms of how they speak, their body language, etc. Regular visits can enhance the interpersonal skills of the students.

5. Clarity in Career Choices: What we know is often entirely different than what’s there out in the world. Similarly, students can think of limited career options by reading books and attending lectures. But by experiencing the real world, management students can better determine what job profile they should pursue or what subject they can best utilise their skills in. Hence, regular industrial visits help students identify their potential area of work like finance, logistics, marketing, etc.

6. Updated with Industry: This is quite obvious here. With regular industrial visits, students come to know about the latest industry trends, rules and regulations, which the books fail to offer. Since the books have content based on a fixed syllabus, it does not include latest information about the industry. By visiting the industries and experiencing it closely, they can learn about what all is in trend and what might come in the near future.

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Hence, it would be right to say that industrial visits help MBA students gain awareness about industrial practices. Also, these can help them get direction in building their professional career honing their skills and enhancing their knowledge. For more such useful insights, keep reading our blog.

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