Top 10 Junior MBA Courses in India with Fees

Top 10 Junior MBA Courses in India with Fees

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I’d want to tell you about remarkable opportunities to learn about business and its fundamentals at a tender age. Do you take the opportunity to encourage your kids to develop the profession as competent parents in hopes of bringing out their maximum abilities? Is it honest to say you’re a business visionary or a financial expert? Would you like to begin planning your kids early so that they can carry on your lineage? Do you want your children to be strong in their opinions and to communicate themselves boldly in front of others?

In this blog, I am going to present you the top Top 10 Junior MBA Courses in India and I hope the benefits offered in institutions meet your expected standards

What is a Junior MBA?

Junior MBA is a short-term course that will help your kids to understand the fundamental concepts in business management. Which includes the usual terminology tools used in business management. This course helps your kids to explore their creativity, problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills. This course targeted kids whose ages are between 6 years to 11 years. During this pandemic period, this course will help your kids to think out of the box. There will be a lot of activities in this course that will help your kids enjoy every session.

  1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the finest learning academies that offers technical and management courses across the world. They offer Junior MBA courses in India. In this course. Your child will have the opportunity to interact with seasoned business professionals and visionaries. The instructors are quite knowledgeable and friendly, and they will guide your children in the proper execution of their ideas. The educational program includes all of the concepts, such as how to generate ideas. They also cover all of the basic terminologies used in the corporate sector.

The meetings will be entertaining and jam-packed with activities and exercises such as talks, interaction, and role-playing around a central theme.

Eligibility: Grades 3 to 12

Course Duration: 32 Hours

Course fee: Rs. 8999/-

  1. Clever Harvey

Clever Harvey is the first academy to introduce Junior MBA courses in India. They offer multiple programs for junior MBA’s and they are strategy, marketing, and technology. You can apply for any program according to your interests. The workshops are led by business experts with years of industry experience. They are in charge of day camps for modern excursions. The course content covers all of the important business management modules and terminology. The sessions include a variety of activities such as games, group chats, discussions, and surprisingly agreeable competitions such as child-to-child tests to promote mindfulness.

They will provide you with a course completion certificate once the course is completed.

Eligibility: 13 to 18

Course Duration: 15 hours

Course fee: starting Rs. 15000/-

  1. Kidpreneur MBA

Kidspreneur is a Singapore-based educational institution that provides online business workshops to children all over the world, and the Junior MBA course is designed for children aged 7 and up. Kids Preneurship workshops assist kids in reaching their full potential. They realize that any child has the potential to become a professional economist.

Furthermore, with the correct kind of guidance and mentorship, as well as obvious parental support, children can investigate this aspect of life at a very young age. While most endeavor courses begin with commercial considerations and a compelling technique, they begin with building the appropriate mindset.

Eligibility: 7 years to 12 years

Course Duration: 10 hours

Course fee: S$288

  1. Parentof

Parentof offers junior MBA courses in India and their program improves cognitive and decision-making abilities in your child. The mentors profile your kid through clinically approved appraisals and pose you with a couple of inquiries so you know precisely where your youngster stands.

The Mentor will take the kid through a Personalized arrangement to Learn and fuse designated practices that are clinically demonstrated to help your youngster. Remain to steer the ship of your kid’s development and wellbeing with simple tools and information to follow your kid’s improvement boundaries today, tomorrow, and as they age.

  1. BornPreneur

BornPreneur is a learning academy for kids in Bangalore that provides classes to improve children’s talents and creativity. They assist people in enabling business and later transforming them into young business visionaries. Children and teens will be familiar with the business infrastructure and will be drawing in and assisting them with creating a business in this course. They learn basic business words and concepts as they work through the process of launching their own smaller-than-average business.

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Eligibility: 8 years to 11 years

  1. Metamorphosis Edu

Metamorphosis gives youngsters in India training programs to help them acquire entrepreneurial abilities. Beginner, advanced, and mastery are the three programs available. All features of beginning and advanced programs are covered in the mastery program. Entrepreneurs’ journey from idea to exit, learning 360° entrepreneurial ideas, idea nurturing by subject matter experts, new venture creation, and a project at the end of the program are all included in the course curriculum.

Course Duration: 3 months to 6 months

Eligibility: 8 to 15 years

Course Fee: Beginner-Rs. 999/-, Advanced- Rs. 5999/-, Mastery- Rs. 14999/-

  1. Pragya Academy

Pragya Academy is an online learning management system based in Pune, Maharashtra. They are designed to help children strengthen their creative ability as well as their character. They provide online junior MBA courses. It’s a place where parents and children may look for and give advice, as well as organize events, surveys, reviews, and recommendations. Due to the age and interests of the children, a large number of providers engage and participate. Monitor evaluations are critical in assisting parents in making the best selections for their children.

Course Duration: 2 Months

Eligibility: 7 to 12 years

  1. Young Entrepreneur School(YES)

The Tamil Nadu Chamber Foundation’s Youthful Entrepreneur School (YES) is a business person development gathering where a group of energetic young business people meets to sharpen their business skills, update their business knowledge, foster an inspirational perspective, and gain proficiency with the most recent in global strategic policies to make progress expertly and consistently.

  1. The ABE endorsed kids MBA

In India, ABE has endorsed Junior MBA programs. The kids will have a nice time while gaining the confidence to start a business and developing measurable business skills. Parents will appreciate that their child receives a junior MBA Certificate of Achievement after the program, which includes the mark of ABE: a worldwide recognized granting association and business skills subject matter expert.

This course is a fantastic way to separate your kids’ school’s educational plan from an extremely positive added value program that demonstrates your school’s commitment to providing children with fundamental abilities.

  1. Leaders Excellence

The Leaders Excellence junior MBA Course consists of 30 self-guided internet-based courses in essential areas of business and governance, providing members with flexibility and a low cost. Because the average amount of time spent studying is only 10-15 hours per month, the program strives to strike a balance between important and pleasant activities.

Each online course includes a video demonstration, eBook, and course modules, allowing you to complete it whenever you’re ready and at your own pace. As the traditional homeroom approaches, online students are becoming increasingly interested in taking responsibility for their advancement. To put it another way, this is a financially aware, helpful, and self-sufficient learning environment.


Many organizations were unable to adapt to change, and as a result of their inability to respond to change and improvement, well-known brands and products were obliterated, and their market position was threatened. As a result, to help our children in this evolving environment, we must be flexible, as change is the only constant.

The current generation is really quick to get anything, and they must discover more open doors. On the whole, they’re worried. These children are discovering everything on their own and may be interested in learning about current developments. By providing adequate guidance and inspiration. You can pave the way for those young, creative personalities to achieve their goals.


1. Is it worthwhile to pursue a junior MBA certificate?

Ans. Yes, it is worth taking up a course in a junior MBA as this course helps your child understand business and entrepreneurship.

2. What will my child earn once the certification is completed?

Ans. The certificate will help your kid develop confidence levels and the course will motivate your child towards his or her goals.

3. What is the minimum age to enroll in a Junior MBA program?

Ans. 6 years

4. Which skills would a child learn after participating in a Junior MBA program?

Ans. decision making, problem-solving, negotiation, presentations skills, and many more

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