How Mobile Application is helpful for Business?

How Mobile Application Is Helpful For Business

We all keep them in our pockets throughout! Why?

Mobile devices have become an indispensible part of our life. Moreover, smartphones have changes the way businesses work these days. Plenty of businesses today are now catering to smartphones. Over 25% of web traffic comes from mobile devices making them an important factor to any businesses out there.

Further, according to a study by ABI, the mobile app market has reached close to $30 billion in revenue. This clearly indicates that the apps are a great way to reach to your audience and expand your customer base. Hence, it becomes beneficial for business to venture into mobile application.

Here are a few ways that your business will reap the benefits of creating a mobile app for your customers.

Building a Stronger Brand

A mobile app is important as it promotes awareness in the customers and helps them communicate with your brand. Through a regular interaction with your target market, you’re actually fostering trust. And as known, the more your audience trusts you, the greater are the chances they’ll listen to sales pitches and commit to your brand.

Offering More Value to Customers

Starbucks makes use of their mobile app to their benefit by providing rewards exclusively to app subscribers. This motivates their customers to buy coffee and other food items using the app. In addition, they also offer the flexibility to pay from within the app itself.

The idea is to digitize the entire process of selling and generating revenue making customers happy. This helps build trust and long term relationship with the customers making them happy.

Increased Profits

This is a fact that when customer satisfaction rises, sales typically do too. According to SalesForce, nearly 70 percent of buying experiences are affected by how customers feel they’re being treated.

This means that the more interested and pleased customers become with your business, the greater consumer demand will increase. Also, if you have a product your customers can’t wait to get their hands on, this demand is going to offer you with some serious returns.

Don’t wait anymore; 90% of companies have already invested mobile apps in 2016. Now, it’s your turn!

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