Best Marketing Books for Beginners

Best Marketing Books for Beginners

Reading is the basic springboard for learning. And books provide the liftoffs. They open up new worlds to everyone.

For beginners, stepping into a well-established industry and combating the age-old conquerors is like a snowball’s chance in hell. In-depth industry knowledge and logical and technical skills play a crucial role here.

Best Marketing Books for Beginners

While skills can be enhanced over time with experience, the best way to gain knowledge for a strong base is BOOKS.

As a beginner, the more you read the better you acquire, both in terms of knowledge and opportunities.

So, if you’re a management or marketing aspirant and are planning to give a kickstart to your career, here are 3 top marketing books for you.

 1. Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Force that Shapes our Decisions

Key Aspect: Determining the process behind decision making.

Description: Decision making is an important aspect of both marketing and management. Author Dan Ariely discusses human behavior and why we humans behave in a certain way and make certain decisions. The author also discusses various situations and how we humans usually react in those situations with the motive to decipher the reasons.

 2. Trout on Strategy

Key Aspect: Building Marketing and Strategic Thinking.

Description: As a beginner, you must learn various marketing strategies in order to excel and succeed in the field. This book by Jack Trout serves the purpose by discussing his own strategies and perception, which he discovered after years of research and experience. Trout himself is of one of the century’s most influential marketing innovators. This book will help you learn how to connect the dots in order to resolve the major marketing issues.

 3. GoodTo Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap & Others Don’t

Key Aspect: What makes a business leap from good to great.

Description: Every beginner looks for a magic trick that can help him achieve success. While success cannot be attained overnight but understanding and implementing certain concepts can turn a good company into a great one.

Author Jim Collins talks about these magical concepts in this book. The book focuses on mediocre solutions or concepts small scale and mid-scale companies follows, which act as barriers to their success.

 Note: All the above books are available on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

Make the time to read these books and gain what all you need to withstand the industry competition as a beginner. You can also seek help from newspapers and magazines.

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