8 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Exams

8 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Exam

Exams are an important part of a student’s life. The students have to perform their best in exams in order to earn higher grades. These good grades lead them to attain their main goals in life. Whether it is getting into a dream job, buying a dream car or anything else. It is important to be a good student and inspire others with your life.

Even though people say that grades are just numbers and not as important as skills, to some extent, this saying is true. But one must not demotivate themselves with such sayings. Skills are also important but so grade.

If you have a dream of working for a specific company, then you need good marks for it. Some companies have criteria for a specific amount of percentage. If you do not have that many marks, then you are not eligible to do a job in that company. Also, when exams are approaching one must pay proper attention in classes to improve their academic performance. For getting overall better grades it is important for students to focus on other tasks like assignments, projects, extracurricular activities, etc. Hence, it is significant to focus on other factors too.

Mistakes Student Should Avoid During Exams

If your exams are approaching, then you must be aware of these mistakes and avoid them. Some of the common mistakes are as follows:

  1. Not reading the question correctly – Silly but one of the most common mistakes that students commit during exams. This mistake is made in mostly all subjects especially in mathematics and statistics. Students must remember one thing in the case of numerical subjects, the answer to the problem always lies in the solution. Hence, read the question correctly, read them at least twice or thrice for better understanding and then answer the question. Even if the answer of the question is not known, do not panic and first attempt the parts which you are familiar with, then take a look at other questions.
  1. Skipping classes for fun – When exams are near, students should attend classes. As all the professors or instructors discuss the important questions and also do revision in the class. If the exams are internal, then it becomes more important for the students to attend the classes. As the teachers are the ones who set papers, the questions they discuss have a higher chance of coming into the exam. Hence, do not skip classes while exams are approaching.
  1. Mismanagement of time – This mistake is done while writing the exam. Usually, a student has 3 hours of time to write an examination. The students waste too much time in things and worrying about the answers they do not know. Some students are unable to complete their papers. Students must manage the time accordingly so that they get more time to write long answers and then, they can complete small questions.
  1. Skip sleeping – Sleeping is essential for improvising the functionality of the brain. Hence, if you think that you will sleep late and study, then you are wrong. Drinking too much coffee is incorrect practice to follow. You need to sleep properly so that the next day you can wake up energetically. Take a proper nap and wake up early to study, it will help you in memorizing the topics and you can nail your exam.
  1. Lack of punctuality & leaving early –Going to the examination hall late, is very risky. Most instructors do not allow you to sit and appear for papers if you are late. If such a thing happens, you will not get a chance to attempt the paper. Get up early and leave early at the time of examinations. Also, make sure that you do not leave the exam hall early. Sit for full time and try to answer all the questions. Never skip a question or leave the answer sheet blank. Try to write at least the minimum information you know about it.
  1. Rechecking the answer sheet – Many students do not reread their answer sheets and just submit it as it is. While writing the exam, students are in a hurry and their full aim is to complete the paper before time. While doing so, some errors are made and they are important to correct. Due to these silly mistakes, they lose their grades and regret later. Hence, while you still have an answer sheet in your hand, recheck the mistakes and then submit it.
  1. Copying – It’s a bad practice to follow and you must never do it. Some students do not study when they have time and later they regret it. Then they tend to cheat and get grades by following a wrong practice. There are many risks involved if any student gets caught while cheating. Risks can be failing in a subject or in all subjects, some college expel or suspend such students. Hence, it is better to study instead of copying later.
  1. Panic attacks during the end of the exam – This happens when time is mismanaged. If you waste time initially, then you are not left with much time in the end. Students always get panic attacks if they are unable to finish their papers. Due to this panic, the time left is also not utilized properly. Therefore, one must stay calm during exams and manage time properly. If you make the correct use of time, then you can avoid panic attacks at the end.

If you avoid these mistakes, then you can save your grades. Remember to stay calm, avoid panic, recheck the answer sheet, attempt the question you know first, etc. Implement these steps and you will notice the difference. Also, focus on other tasks like your assignments and projects.

About the Author: I am Jessica Gross, a Content Writer. I am passionate about writing and love to write articles and blogs. I also help students who need EssayHelp in their academic tasks.

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