5 Free Research Writing Tools For University Students

Five free research writing tools

Are you a college or university student, and you are doing your research writing process for your final year project. You and your group member are collecting data from different sources.

Now you want to manage and maintain all the collected data from different sources in an appropriate way and make it unique and error-free. Then you should need to use some specific tools that help you do your work in a much better way.

The most important thing that you should keep in your mind before using any tool and getting excellent results is that you should have a deep understanding of the tool before you decide to use it for your research work.

Because if you have complete information about the tool, you can easily use it, and it became not a problem during your research writing process.

Using the tool, you can generate high-quality content within the least amount of time, and you don’t need to pay any charges because these tools are free for the students.

So always select the tool according to your project’s demand.

And it helps you to fulfill the requirement of your project and make it complete within the given period.

This article discusses five free research writing tools for university student and you can use them to perform different tasks.

Five free research writing tools for university students:

1. Studyclerk.com:

If you are a university student and your teacher tell you to make an assignment by researching the different articles.

For that purpose, you collect data from different articles and use it in your assignment without changing the original idea behind the content.

After collecting all the information about the specific topic, you need to make it unique, and for this purpose, you need to use a research tool that helps you make your data unique and plagiarism free.

It is the best tool to make your content error-free and unique. If you are looking for a tool that helps you make your data unique and plagiarism free, and you are searching for that particular tool, then plagiarism. Studyclerk is the best option for you.

It provides an excellent facility for the students to generate appropriate and error-free content without paying any charges.

2. Owl.purdue.edu:

Are you a university student, and these days you are doing your project, and for this purpose, you are researching a different topic for collecting data related to your project?

After you have done your research and collected all the relevant data for your project, you want. Now you want to make your data unique and plagiarism free by maintaining the real idea of all the data written.

For this purpose, you are researching a tool that will help you generate accurate data that is 100% original and free from plagiarism and grammar errors.

So it is the best tool that provides you with the best facility to create unique and plagiarism free content without paying any cost.

Suppose that any plagiarized content found in the range might occur during checking plagiarism. In that case, it highlights the specific content and provides you with the facility to make it unique by using the facility of paraphrasing.

Because besides other features, it also provides the best facility for paraphrasing to make your content error-free and unique.

3. Rephrase.info

Are you a student at a university and working on your different projects? You are doing your research and collecting data from different sources once you collect all the information about the specific project.

Now there is a big task for you to make your data unique, plagiarism-free, and accurate without changing its original idea.

Then it would be best if you had some unique and best paraphrasing tool that helps you make your data unique and plagiarism free without wasting time and resources.

So here, paraphrasing-online.com is the best tool specially designed for university students to provide high-quality content without paying any money because it is a free tool.

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4. Easybib.com:

Suppose you are a university or college student and doing your research. You are working with your other classmates, and you are all collecting different kinds of content from various sites. You want to make this content unique and error-free by converting it into your wording.

So you are looking for some tool that helps you make your content unique and error-free. Then easybib is the best tool for you because it is specially designed for students who are doing their research.

With the help of this tool, you can use a particular type of service which you want for your research project. It helps you remove all the grammar mistakes from your content and make it unique and error-free.

With the feature of a plagiarism-checker, you can check the plagiarism in your content and make it unique by rephrasing the sentence. For rephrasing, it also provides the facility of paraphrasing, through which you can rewrite your content.

After the process of rephrasing, your content becomes unique and plagiarism-free. So if you want all these services within one tool, then easybib is the best one for you because it helps you provide high-quality content free of cost.

The content you copied in the plagiarism checker is safe and secure, so you can easily use it without tension or stress.

5. Prepostseo.com:

It is one of the best tools to use for a different purposes. Either you want to check out the plagiarism from your content that you collected from various sources or want to make your content accurate according to the rule of grammar.

It also can provide you with the best optimization services for your content, with the help of which you can make your content more eye-catching and unique.

Suppose you want these services from one tool. In that case, prepostseo is the best choice for you, especially if you are a student. It provides high-quality services related to grammar, optimization or plagiarism without any payment.

So it is one of the best things that are readily available. You only need to sign in with the SEO tool and enjoy its best services without paying charges.

If you use this tool, you don’t face any problems related to reliability; it is the best plagiarism checker, which checks each line of your content. So if you are a university or college student, it proves to be helpful for you.


For most students’ research, writing can seem more tricky and problematic for them. They need to read many papers and reports and collect data from them.

But after collecting the data making your content unique, error-free and easy to read and understand is one of the big tasks.

So if you use the tool mentioned above, it will help you solve this problem and get the desired outcomes. And able to make your more complicated task more straightforward.

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