Tips to Crack GMAT Exam

Tips to Crack GMAT Exam

GMAT is not Thanos, and hence you need not be an Avenger to crack GMAT!

We all know the hype around the GMAT exam. Peer pressure, family expectations and unsolicited advice by teachers- things do get overwhelming. But GMAT is not invincible. You can score terrifically well if you have built up the right strategy for GMAT preparation.

If you want to go for your dreams, you need to take the plunge. There’s no shortcut that can help you crack GMAT exam. But of course, the right strategy can cut down on the hard work part, thereby enabling you to do the smart work.

This blog discusses some of the sure-shot tips that you can use to score well on the GMAT exam. Coming right from the mouth of GMAT toppers, coaches and industry experts, these full-proof pieces of advice can help you with rock-solid GMAT exam preparation.

Scroll down and dive into the details!

Top Tips to Score Exceptionally Well in GMAT!

  • Know the exam format and pattern inside out: While this may sound cliché, you cannot simply ace something until and unless you know every aspect of it. So, start with familiarising yourself with the GMAT exam pattern and question formats. Research about the duration of the exam, the different sections, total number of questions, eligibility criteria, negative marking and so on.A basic Google search will give you lots of insights. However, apart from Googling your doubts, you can also seek advice from your seniors who have first-hand experience of appearing for the GMAT exam.
  • Invest your money and time in the Official Guide: Get yourself the official guide and start treating it as your Holy Grail. Start solving them and keep a tab on time. Use the guide to review your mistakes. It is the best source of past questions and answers, and hence, you must definitely make it an integral part of your GMAT preps.
  • Attempt for multiple mock tests: Another obvious point! But how many of you are actually going to follow this tip?

We cannot emphasise enough this one! The more you practice, the better you get at answering the questions. Know that there is no room for overconfidence when you are preparing for the GMAT. And if you ask us to share that one mantra that can help you crack GMAT exam, then it has to be solving the mock tests.

Appearing for mock tests will acquaint you with the format and structure of the exam. Also, you will be able to judge your speed. Whether you are matching up the pace or lagging behind- only a mock test will tell you. Mock tests give you a reality check. You get the chance to identify your weak areas. Soon you can start working on your weakness and turn them into your strength through persistent efforts. The test scores will also tell you if you are making progress or if your preparation is going downhill.

  • Good with numbers? Begin with the GMAT Quant section: If you are appearing for GMAT, you cannot do away with numbers. For all those who feel confident when it comes to maths, we would advise you to go for the GMAT Quantitative section first. This will keep your morale boosted! The more you solve the questions of the Quantitative section correctly, the higher will be your motivation. The endorphin will keep you motivated, and thus, you stay optimistic throughout the prep hours. It will give you a sense of assurance that you have accomplished something and that you are capable of achieving much more.
  • Identify the Achille’s Heel: Your GMAT exam preparation will go astray if you miss out on this! You have to identify and acknowledge your weakest point while preparing for the GMAT. If you are bad at maths, accept it. Sulking will not take you anywhere. Embrace your weakness and work hard to overcome that vulnerability. Are you unsure about the verbal section? Immerse yourself in prepping for the verbal section and come out confident. Share your concern with an ex-GMAT candidate who can relate to your weakness. Their advice and suggestions can sometimes prove to be golden words of wisdom.
  • Move on in case you are feeling stuck (with a question): Moving on is hard; we feel you! But when it comes to GMAT questions, you must MOVE ON the moment you start feeling stuck! Otherwise, you will have to face a penalty or negative marking in case you fail to complete all the sections of the exam. The questions you leave unresolved can significantly bring down your overall GMAT score. With every question, you need to give your best shot. But at the same time, keep an eye on the watch. Ideally, one should invest just two and a half minutes on every question.

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  • Hone up your mental math: While practising for the Quant section, keep your calculator in a different room so that you do not reach for the calculator during calculations. This will enhance your mental maths and enable you to calculate inside your head. This will save a great deal of time during mock tests and the real exam. Also, you should know that using a calculator is not allowed in the GMAT Quant exam.
  • Keep a tab on your progress: Maintain a diary or journal where you can literally jot down your progress or failure. Start noting down your progress on a weekly basis. If you notice that your performance is taking a dip, analyse the situation and own up for the mistakes. Regular progress, on the other hand, will keep you motivated. You will strive to accomplish more. This urge to beat yourself every time will come incredibly handy in cracking the GMAT exam.
  • The night before the exam is meant for relaxation: Do not over-exert yourself a night before the D-day. Excessive revisions and problem-solving can make you nauseous and nervous. Gather all the materials and documents that you will need for the next day. Have a light meal and enjoy a sound sleep. Your brain needs ample rest before you start with your GMAT exam. Just before the exam, you can watch any light-hearted movie, video or web series to keep yourself in a good mood. Distract yourself so that you do not get those anxiety attacks. Also, staying hydrated will keep you calm.

In a nutshell

GMAT surely can open the gates to a whole new world full of opportunities. But if that gate does not open for you even after you put in your 200% effort, know that it is not the end of the world for you. You can either step back, prepare and bounce back or go for a different alternative that is awaiting you. Till then, keep practising these tips and put in whole-hearted efforts in your GMAT exam preparation.

Wait no more, and start prepping up today!

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