Top Business Schools in the World

Top Business Schools in the World

If you want to hone up your entrepreneurial skills or grab a high-salaried job, then joining a top-notch business school can indeed be a great idea. You may want to join a reputed B school in India or enroll yourself in an abroad business school. There are many international business schools that impart premium knowledge and prepare you to face the real world of business with vigor and capabilities.

Benefits of joining a global business school:

  • You will be able to build a robust global business network:

You will get exposure to reputed business corporations and renowned brands. You can become a part of a highly active global network system.

  • You will get to learn business with hands-on experience:

You will not just focus on theory, but be able to practice it in real life. Since the business environment is highly dynamic, it is necessary that you always learn your lessons practically as well.

  • You will get ample employment opportunities:

Global B-Schools offer proper career placement opportunities. If you have the much-needed potential, you will get ample career opportunities.

Top global B-Schools that you should join:

 1. Harvard Business School: At Harvard Business School, you will be able to study the following disciplines – entrepreneurship, economics, ethics, e-commerce, accounting, health care administration, manufacturing and technology management, and so on. The career placement rate is around 77.30%. For a full-time business course, they charge around $73,440. Students get to tackle practical, real-life business issues and perform in teams. You will also get to participate in field study teams, immersion trips, and so on. HBS offers you executive educational classes, as well as MBA or doctoral degree.  You can also enroll in some of the other joint degree programs with Harvard Medical school, Harvard Law School, or Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

 2. London Business School: Since 1964, it has been awarding prestigious degrees like Masters in MBA, Management, Finance, Ph.D., and so on. It covers multiple subjects like Finance, Economics, Strategy, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship, etc.

London Business School has two campuses, one is in London, and the other one is in Dubai. LBS campuses offer outstanding facilities like libraries, cafes, research centers, Students’ clubs, sports centers, and so on. LBS offers great career opportunities and massive exposure to the global business scenario.

 3. Stanford Graduate School of Business: One of the topmost and prestigious business schools in the entire world, Stanford, is highly popular among the management aspirants. Located in the United States, Stanford Graduate School of Business imparts business and management skills to students from different parts of the globe.

You will be amazed to know that the employer index that it offers is 100. On top of it, you will get to earn an average pay of around $127,000. The class size at Stanford is around 385. Women students comprise about 34% of the total class size.

 4. INSEAD: Again, this one is a leading business school across the world. Students from all over the world try to get admission in this renowned business school. If you are lucky enough and get to do your graduation from INSEAD, then you will be able to make as much as $167,305 monthly. It is a premium business school in terms of academics, campus, career placement opportunities, and exposure to the business environment.

It has two campuses, one in France and the other in Singapore. Both have topped the lists of top B-schools several times. You can seek admission in either the undergraduate degree program, postgraduate degree program, a certificate in the business foundation, doctoral program, or executive education program.

 5. University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School): Located in the United States, the Wharton School is a highly popular and elite business school. Graduates of Wharton School are capable of scooping as much as $118,000. The class size in these business schools will be around 588, and around 35% will be female students.

Over the years, the Wharton School has been able to maintain its reputation as one of the best business schools across the globe. It has grabbed the third position in terms of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Leadership, and International Management.

 6. University of Cambridge (Judge Business School): CJBS is highly coveted for a business school that believes in reinforcing new and unique ideas. It is known for its ability to convert classroom learning into practical lessons. A part of the Faculty of Technology, CJBS offers multiple business programs to the students.

CJBS offers an 89% employment rate. If you are capable enough, you can earn around $164,714.

So, these are some of the top business schools across the globe where you can try enrolling for a business course as per your interest, budget, and requirement. Zero down upon a B-school and gather relevant admission details. The sooner you start preparations, the better are your chances of securing admission in a prestigious overseas B-school.

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