Barriers to Effective Communication in an Organization


Barrier of Effective Communication

Communication needs to be free-flowing. This is all the more significant in the case of business communication. But there are multiple barriers that come across the process of communication. There are several distortions and disturbance that leads to misunderstanding as well as the failure of business communication. There are different types of barriers to business communication, for instance, emotional, psychological, physical, cultural, etc.

Types of Business Communication Barriers:

 1. Linguistic barriers: This is one of the most significant barriers to effective business communication. One can consider as a significant tool of communication. But the varying dialects and languages of different regions can lead to ineffective communication. The dialects of every two regions keep changing with every few kilometers. Also, in the workplace, different employees will have different linguistic skills. This affects the operations of the organization.

 2. Emotional barriers: A person with strong emotions will be able to communicate effectively as compared to the person who is not mature emotionally. There should be a perfect blend of emotions to facilitate efficient business communication. Emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy can limit the decision-making capacity of a person.

 3. Psychological barriers: Psychological and mental issues are also barriers to efficient communication. Speech disorders, stage fears, depression, phobia, etc. everything can degrade the quality of business communication.

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 4. Cultural barriers: Because of globalization, it is now normal to have employees from different parts of the world working in the same office. They will differ from each other in terms of dressing, food, religion, and so on. Thus, it is essential to take into consideration these cultural factors to facilitate effective communication. In several MNCs, at the orientation phases, they offer special cultural courses so that people can gel up well with one another and understand each other’s cultural preferences.

 5. Physical barriers: Such barriers include closed doors, faulty equipment, noise, closed cabins, and so on. Such physical barriers can ruin business communication.

 6. Organizational barriers: Because of multiple organizational structures in an enterprise, organizational structure barriers Different structures and setups give rise to misinformation, miscommunication, or lack of transparency.

7. Attitude barriers: Different people carry different attitudes. Some are extroverts, while others are introverts. Even ambiverts are there. In the same organization, these three different natured employees give rise to the issue of attitude barriers. Ego, pride, inconsiderate behaviors also affect the flow of communication.

 8. Physiological barriers: Diseases or disorders can also have an impact on efficient business communication. Issues like dyslexia, the shrillness of voice, etc. are some common examples of physiological barriers. It is possible to remove these barriers with proper treatment and practice.

9. Perception barriers: People tend to perceive things differently. Therefore, it is essential that you take into consideration the perception of the audience. While communicating, always think from the perspective of the audience.

 10. Technological barriers and socio-religious barriers: Technology is evolving every day and it is necessary to keep up with the dynamic technology. But not every employee is tech-savvy. Also, technological advancement often increases the cost of business operation. All these lead to technological barriers in business communication. Socio religious barriers like partialities to transgender communities, women, lower caste people are also there.

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In order to enhance the level of communication, it is necessary that an organization tries its best to overcome these barriers.

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