What makes you a Quality Leader?

What makes you a Quality Leader

Need of Good Leader

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. – John C. Maxwell

As a school kid, we all might have befooled our teachers by becoming disciplined and good to get the monitor-ship or leadership of class or house. That was a fun phase of our lives, but we can all become leaders in our present time.
While some are born leaders, others can turn out to be one by adopting certain qualities in their life. Know what those qualities are.

1. Decisiveness – Leaders are called “leader” because they are unique from others – they do not hesitate to commit. Being consistent with their decisions is their supreme quality. This shows commitment which is very important for a leader.

2. Confident – To be confident is also crucial as a leader to lead and set direction. A confident leader inspires others and builds trust. It helps them make best efforts for the team in accomplishing various tasks, which leads them to success.

3. Passion – Leaders should be enthusiastic about their goal and also about their role as leader. Even the folks rely and trust leaders who are passionate and dedicated. Leaders should be able to present them as a source of inspiration for others, and be a motivator towards the required action or cause. Such leaders won’t fear of rolling up their sleeves and get dirty.

Bonus tip
Patience – According to Dan Brian, COO of WhipClip, “Patience is the real courage meant to test your commitment towards your cause. While the path to great things is always tough, the best leaders know when to discard the cause and when to stay. If your vision is bold enough, there will be hundreds of reasons behind why it ‘can’t be done’. A lot of things have to come together to pull off something big.”

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