Small Business Start-up Ideas for MBA Students

Start up Idea

A majority of students opt for MBA degrees to start their business and be their own boss. You might be one of them. Primarily there are two reasons for this:

  • Getting high-paying opportunity possibly with 500 Fortune Company is quite challenging and unfortunate.
  • Millennials don’t like being ruled.

The good news is there are countless start-up ideas that can help you give a direction to your career.

Start up Idea

Here, we have shared a few small business ideas for MBA Graduates. All these businesses need low-cost investment and minimal resources.

Take a look:

 1. Financial Advisor: This start-up business idea needs a lot of knowledge and understanding of financial matters including tax, interest, insurance, investment, etc. Corporates like I.T Professionals who do not have idea about how to manage their business finances usually need services of a financial advisor.

 2. Management Consultant: Every business or a company requires a business management consultant in order to seek advice to improve their business, services and products.

 3. E-Commerce: Online buying and selling has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. Being an MBA Graduate, you have the right skills to set-up an e-commerce business and survive in the competitive field. You don’t need to compete e-commerce giants like Ebay, Flipkart that deal in countless products. However, you can start an e-commerce store that sells grill mats.

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 4. Event Planning: As an MBA graduate, you have management skills, analytical skills, and strategic skills. And if you are a creative person, it can be an added benefit for you in opting event planning as a career. Tie up with a few organizations in the beginning and organise their business events like product launches, general meetings, promotional events, etc,. Gradually, you’ll gain expertise which you can use to expand your business.

 5. Corporate Trainer: Companies always have the need to organise corporate training for enhancing their knowledge and skills. You can become a corporate trainer or set up a business and hire experienced trainers for the same.

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Take time to evaluate your skills and choose the start-up idea accordingly.

All the Best!!

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