Overview of Team Building

Team Building

Definition of Team Building:

This is the process of converting a group of individual employees into a complete team. Basically, a team is the group of people who work together in order to cater to the requirements of the customers.

Team building helps in creating a robust bond among the members of a specific group. The members show respect to each other and share common expectations and aims. A set of team norms can help the members to gel up well with one another and work towards a common goal.

Team building work process:

The team manager or leader needs to facilitate multiple meetings so that the team members get introduced to each other and grow in a cohesive working ambiance. In the case of a larger organization, team building sessions are arranged by organization development staff. Human resource practitioners, too, are capable of team-building sessions. Another point to be noted is that team building is possible by organizing structuring activities as well as fun events.

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Team building should be a part of your work culture:

Of course, there are various set-piece team-building exercises that help in strengthening the bonds within a team. But these are mere short cuts and will not serve long term purposes. It is necessary to make the team building the basic mindset of every employee of an organization.  Following are a few strategies that will help in strengthening the team, increase the effectiveness, and cohesiveness with each passing day:

  1. Gelling up with the team: A team comprises of members. Each one of them has their own ambitions, requirements, and personalities. It is, therefore, essential to know one another and help each other to come closer and develop a bond. This will definitely result in a happy and trusting team. For instance, one can start by hosting a pre-holiday drinks evening. Even an inexpensive team barbeque session can be quite helpful.
  2. Developing robust team skills: In order to accomplish the targets, it is necessary that a team develops the right kind of skill sets and competencies. Go for a skill matrix. This will help in auditing the abilities of each team member. The result will provide proper guidance towards the need for training. Also, as a team leader comes to know about the skill sets of each of the group members, he can assign relatable roles conveniently.
  3. Working towards a common goal: There has to be a common goal or a shared vision. When each of the members has a clearly defined destination to reach, no one will think of pulling apart in different directions. It is always significant to keep each member together. In no situation should they move apart and follow different purposes and targets.
  4. Connecting with a virtual team: In the case of a remotely operating office, the members can feel neglected, ignored, and isolated because of a lack of face to face meetings on a regular basis. In such cases, virtual socializing is a great opportunity to heighten the spirit of each member. Also, virtual socialization will be helpful in the case of skill-building.

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Benefits of team building:

  • Aiming towards the accomplishment of common vision and mission
  • Enhanced level of productivity
  • Facilitation of delegation
  • The building of morale and trust
  • Establishment of roles and responsibilities
  • Development of communication and collaboration
  • Introduction and management of changes

Team building is an extremely important part of every business organization and should be done to facilitate effortless business operations.