Online MBA: Advantages & Disadvantages

Online MBA Advantages & Disadvantages

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of students prefer opting for distance learning over regular courses. Not everyone prefers to spend 3 to 5 golden years of their life just by attending lectures, bunking classes and enjoying college life. Rather, these students make it a point to multi-task and build their career right from the beginning. There are multiple students who need to work for making a living and support his or her family. At the same time, they cannot give up on their academics. Then there are sportspersons who get selected in matches and tournaments. They too cannot attend regular colleges, but this does not mean that they have to leave studies. Also, students who cannot travel out of their home town or country but has the dream of making it big can opt for distance learning.

If you want to pursue an MBA but do not have the time or amenities necessary for joining a regular B-school, then do not consider it as the end of the road. You can enrol yourself to the various distance learning MBA courses that are available across the globe. To your surprise, you will notice that an online MBA course is quite a common thing among the students. But students often doubt the value of an online MBA course. They believe that the value of a degree is directly proportional to the ROI that it offers. As a result, they want to invest more money, time and hard work for their MBA course. Hence, they remain suspicious whether distance MBA learning will be of any benefit to them.

Just like a coin has two faces, similar is the case of MBA online course. There are certain pros as well as cons when you opt for distance learning for MBA. This blog will cover both the aspects so that you get a clear idea about the benefits as well as shortcomings of online learning.

Disadvantages of pursuing an MBA online course:

The curriculum of the distance MBA learning will be similar to regular courses. However, the degree of online learning does not hold much value as compared to a full-time MBA.

Also, students do not get access to proper infrastructural facilities. For instance, an MBA student pursuing MBA from IIM will definitely get the upper hand when it comes to facilities, amenities, assistance, teacher support, guidance, and so on. But if the same student pursues an MBA online, then he will not get all the above-mentioned facilities.

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In the case of distance learning, the level of interaction between a teacher and student is minimal. So, you will not get the much-needed support, guidance, advice and tips of your teacher. But full-time B-school students actually get the active support and mentorship of their knowledgeable teachers.

Also, the industry exposure, first-hand experience, practical knowledge and guidance by the market leaders is nowhere to be found in case of MBA online course. Also, you will not get any exposure to placement drives when you prefer an MBA online over a full-time MBA.

Advantages of pursuing an MBA online course:

  • Distance MBA learning is ideal for working professionals. The degree helps them to apply for senior positions. Or, they can even start with their own business venture.
  • The value of an internationally renowned MBA online course is immensely high. It will help you bag jobs in prominent companies. You can secure the best jobs after MBA with profiles like financial analyst, marketing manager, accountant, and so on. You can also find opportunities like overseas import and export jobs, consultancy, shipping and so on.
  • As you pursue distance MBA learning, you will be able to gradually build an influential and powerful network and connect with other professionals.
  • You will be able to strike a perfect balance between social, operational and business performance.

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Thus you can see that pursuing an MBA online is not at all a bad idea. If you put in enough hard work, and your dedication reflects in your work, then you will for sure be able to make it big in your life.

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