Sue Nabi’s Career Wisdom: “Take Your Time, It’s Not Your Enemy”

Sue Nabi's Career Wisdom Take Your Time, It's Not Your Enemy

Sue Nabi, the CEO of the multibillion-dollar beauty giant Coty, didn’t ascend to her role overnight. Her remarkable career journey, spanning over 30 years, took her from being a sales representative to the president at L’Oréal before eventually becoming the CEO of Coty in 2020. Coty, the parent company of renowned brands like Covergirl, Kylie Cosmetics, and Tiffany & Co., boasts a market capitalization of $9.68 billion, making her one of the industry’s notable leaders.

What sets Nabi apart is her perspective on time.  In her words, “What takes time is respected by time,” a profound reflection on the value of patience and persistence.

In a recent interview on LinkedIn’s “The Path” podcast, Nabi shared her No. 1 piece of career advice: “Don’t try to create things that are an overnight success.” This wisdom extends far beyond the beauty industry and holds valuable lessons for all of us.

Nabi cautions against this desire for “overnight success” because it can lead to unnecessary pitfalls. When we take our time, we have the chance to execute our projects with greater care and attention, resulting in a sense of accomplishment and fewer errors.

So, her advice is simple yet profound: “Take your time. It’s not your enemy.”

As trend forecaster and author James Wallman suggests, it’s crucial to evaluate how we spend our time and energy.

Here are seven questions to ponder:

  • Does it leave you with a story?
  • Does it change you?
  • Does it allow you to unplug?
  • Does it improve your relationships?
  • Does it feel challenging?
  • Does it make you feel a sense of awe?
  • Does it improve your social status?

For Sue Nabi, the first question, “Does it leave you with a story?” holds particular significance. Crafting a narrative through her work has been a driving force in her career.

In her words, “Everything that you have done in the past, each choice has gotten you to where you are today.”

So, whether you’re pursuing a career or embarking on a personal journey, remember Sue Nabi’s timeless advice: take your time, embrace the process, and let time be your ally on the path to success and fulfilment. Listen her full story on the “The Path” Podcast.

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