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Every year, a huge number of candidates apply for competitive exams in India with the belief of cracking the exam. But do you know how many candidates fail to crack the exam in their first attempt? Have you ever imagined where they lack? The answer is strategies to prepare for the exam and a lack of time management and understanding of the question pattern. 

To improve yourself in this section, you should start appearing for online mock tests. Exam Practice 247 is the perfect platform where you can find the mock test series for every competitive exam organised in India. Whether you are a candidate from the banking sector, railway sector, insurance or any other government sector, here you can get the best notes.

Online mock examinations offer major benefits in preparing for an exam, and that’s why they have grown in popularity in recent years. These exams offer a thorough evaluation of a student’s performance and are made to stimulate the real-life exam environment. Mock examinations are a great way for students to learn how to effectively handle their time during examinations. Students obtain better familiarity with the structure and improve their time management skills by regular practising.

Benefits & Importance Of Practising Regular Mock Test

  • Examine your performance

Mock tests will let you assess the practicality of your preparation. With the use of mocks, you may ensure that you retain the knowledge you have acquired and do not forget anything. Additionally, it will benefit you to continue going over the material once again after finishing the chapters. 

  • Effective practice

This will allow you to practice and prepare effectively on the exam day. By solving mocks daily, you can accelerate your speed and efficiency. As you go through mocks, you may find that some sections need more time than others.

  • Reduce nervousness

Once you’ve completed enough practice exams, you’ll know what to expect on test day. You will feel more at peace and confident on the exam day.

  • Monitor your preparation

As more mocks were completed and time passed, you could monitor your scores. You can determine the extent to which your score has improved.

Benefits & Importance Of Practising Regular Mock Test​

Why Choose Exam Practice 247?

Why Choose Exam Practice 247
  • Excellent team

Every mock test exam has been carefully developed to offer a top-notch test series to all prospective students, enabling them to easily accomplish their desired goals.

  • Comprehensive Solutions 

Detailed answers to all of the questions aid in understanding your errors and enhancing future performance. 

  • Top-Notch Content 

People consistently return to us because of our content. We never stop researching and trying to do better than we did the last time. 

  • Flexible Education 

Your preparedness must be reflected in your learning. With the use of adaptive learning, you may go from where you are to a higher level. 

  • Technology minded team

The free mock examinations are made by experts in education utilising the newest technological techniques to assess the topics in a real-life context. By providing free online mock examinations, we hope to build a more responsible and educated citizenry in India.

To improve your ranking in your next exam, practice regular mock tests offered by our experts. To know more write to us at or visit our website

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