Key Difference Between Management and Leadership

Difference Between Management and Leadership

Management and leadership are two different elements, otherwise essential for the success of a business enterprise. We cannot call any of the two as inferior or superior. We should have proper knowledge of the two terms so that we get to play both the roles in a confident manner.

Leadership is the way of influencing people in order to attain objectives enthusiastically and willingly. One can call leadership as the major component of management. The skill to manage things in the best possible way is management. It is necessary for different fields – hospitality, offices, sports and so on. Without management, there will be total chaos.

In order to understand the difference between management and leadership, it is necessary to delve deeper into the layers of definitions of management and leadership.

• Leadership: A person who has the skill set to lead a group of people and inspire them in a particular direction, possesses perfect leadership skills. It is more like a very interpersonal process. It helps in the accomplishment of targets, goals with lots of enthusiasm and willingness.

One cannot learn leadership skills. It is present only in a very people. Not every person can be a perfect leader. Talking about some of the greatest leaders of our time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kiran Bedi, Mahatma Gandhi have led the country with outstanding leadership skills.

• Management: Management is the skill of managing a group of persons. A manager needs to manage a specific group and make them work together and towards the achievement of a single objective. There has to be a common target.

Anyone with good managerial skills can be a manager. Have you ever looked at your mother? She manages the household, budget, organizes the home, keeps everything clutter-free, sorts out issues and so on. She is undoubtedly a skilled manager.

Managerial functions include planning, organizing, controlling, leading as well as motivating.

Some key differences between management and leadership:

• A leader needs the trust of his followers, while a manager simply controls his subordinates.
• Leadership is all about encouraging and motivating people, while management is about managing each and everything.
• Leadership is all about influencing others with one’s action and speech. Management is more like ruling over your people.
• Guidelines and principles are necessary in case of leadership, while procedures and policies will be helpful for perfect management.
• Leadership skills always require foresightedness, while a manager will mostly be short-sighted.
• We can expect change and alterations due to leadership, while management ushers in the sense of stability.
• If leadership is proactive, then management is often called to be as reactive.

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Management and leadership are the part and parcels of any kind of organization. They are different yet inseparable terms. In order to run an organization smoothly, there need to be some people who possess management and leadership skills. Without these people, an organization or enterprise will go awry. There will be extreme confusion and mismanagement. Just like the two faces of a coin, management, and leadership co-exists and are highly significant.

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