Key Challenges of Human Resource Manager in an Organization

Challenges of Human Resource Manager in an Organization

The world is a complicated and unpredictable system. Most of its social, economic and technological advancement could not have been possible without humans or the human mind. It’s our greatest resource. As curious, imaginative, creative and productive it is, it is also uniquely complex, and managing human resource has its own challenges, which we will address in this post.

Managing human resource or manpower needs regular observation and efforts. A human resource manager ensures that there is proper management between employer and employees so that there is growth and progress both individually and collectively.

The human resource manager is obligated to administer a vast domain of work with responsibilities such as analysis, recruitment and retention, vendor relations, govt laws and regulations etc. Furthermore, economic fluctuations, stricter laws and globalization can make it even more challenging to meet the objectives.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key challenges of human resource manager, shall we:

• Screening, selection and retention of best available talent. Hiring and retaining the best talent must be a no. 1 priority. Having the creme of the crop in an organization can prove to be one deciding factor for success. But the best talent is always in demand, and top brands/companies offer various means of motivation to hire and retain that talent. Salary hike, transport and food benefits, appraisals, ventures of personal growth & development, health and safety are some of the novel approaches that you could use to retain your employees.

• Managing diversity in the workforce is vital to avoid any discrimination or harassment. Remember, workforce is nothing but people, of all age and genders, from different cultures and backgrounds. Building and maintaining a healthy relationship between employees, coworkers, teams, and management is very important for an enterprise. A proper strategy for the same must be in place to avoid any compromise in the quality of work-life and business.

• Training and development programs play a huge role in meeting the goals of an organization as well as in individual growth. Such strategies and programs must be productively effective and cost-efficient, which makes it one of the major challenges for a human resource manager.

• Globalization, economic change, advancement in technology, market demographics and many other dynamics are certain challenges of a human resource manager which do not get resolved that easy.

Time is eternal, but ever-changing. Every season comes with its own hurdles. To survive and flourish, business and managements must have flexible strategies and plan of actions which can be modified at the hour of need.

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