Introduction to Business Communication


Business Communication

The way of communicating with others come to us quite effortlessly. The same happens in the case of business communication. This happens because organizations are comprised of real people only. We need to keep in mind that when the communication level is effective enough, it can affect the processes and every layer of an enterprise.

Business communication: Definition

It is the process of sharing information and details between people outside and within an organization. Through effective communication, the management, as well as the employees, try to accomplish business goals. Through effective communication, it is possible to enhance organizational practice and lower down chances or errors.

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Significance of business meetings lies in:

  • Execution of decisions
  • Reaching to agreements
  • Effective meeting organization
  • Successful selling
  • Making of plans and proposals
  • Presentation of new and innovative business ideas

Types of business communication:

There are two main types of business communications:

  • Internal business communication: This type of business communication can further be divided into multiple types –
  • Upward communication: This is the type of internal business communication that comes from a subordinate to his manager or any other person who is high up in the organizational hierarchy.
  • Lateral Communication: This type of communication hints towards cross-lateral and interdepartmental communication between co-workers.
  • Downward communication: This is the type of communication that comes from a superior to anyone who is lower than him in the organizational hierarchy.
  • External business communication: This type of business communication involves dealing with vendors, customers, or any outsiders who can have an impact on your brand.

Methods of effective business communication

Business communication takes place verbally or in writing. It can take place face to face or from a remote location. While verbal communication helps in a free flow of thoughts and instant generation of ideas, written interaction helps in maintaining a proper track record of decisions and actions.

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Following are the different methods of business communication that are applicable to single office enterprises, offices with multiple time zone-based locations, fully remote offices, and so on:

 1. Web-based communication: This involves communication on a daily basis over emails and instant messaging applications. This type of communication is suitable for private conversations by sharing mail and messages.

 2. Video conferencing: This type of business communication helps in running meetings even from the most remote locations. This is even better than in telephone meetings.

 3. Telephone meetings: This type of communication helps in a better exchange of ideas.

 4. Reports and official documents: This is an exceedingly crucial part of any well-established business communication system. It helps to reduce any chance of disagreement or confusion and brings in an element of extra clarity.

 5. Face to face meetings: These meetings help in taking the business forward quite rapidly. They are capable of generating more ideas as compared to virtual meetings.

 6. Presentations: Proper presentations should be supported by reports and PowerPoint slide decks. They help in creating a great impact on any meeting with larger groups.

 7. Surveys: Customer, as well as internal surveys, are an apt way to get feedback and ratings on significant issues. Feedbacks help in generating improvements in the working process.

 8. Forum boards and FAQs: This is an internal area for the employees where they can ask about various topics regarding the organization in which they work.

Customer management activities: This involves different types of customer relations activities, such as lie chat support, customer onboarding process, and CRM systems.

So these are some common types of business communications that take place in any organization. One should try to make these business communications all the more effective.

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