How Can an MBA Student Create a Good LinkedIn Profile?


If you are an MBA student and have not created your LinkedIn profile yet, then my friend, you are missing out on something really significant. The issue with most of the MBA students is that they never realize the value of a LinkedIn profile. It is the ideal platform to make professional connections and expand your network.

Here’s why an MBA student should create his LinkedIn profile today!

• Personal branding: Promote yourself as a professional on your LinkedIn profile. Share details regarding your experience, achievements, topics of interest, and so on. Feel free to flaunt your skills, build up your credibility, and enhance your online visibility.

• Bonding with professionals: An MBA student LinkedIn profile enables you to create robust connections with like-minded persons, professionals, thought-leaders, and motivators. You can do a lot of things here – share your knowledge, get significant insights, raise questions, come to know about new job openings, and voice your opinions.

• Get hired: LinkedIn for students can definitely help you to bag a high-salaried job. You will get recommendations for jobs as per your preferences. It is possible to visit the pages and websites of different companies and keep a check on job openings.

• Be found on Google: Your LinkedIn page will most probably rank well on Google search engine. When people search about you on Google, your LinkedIn profile may pop up among the first few search results. Your recruiters will find you easily on Google and get to know you.

• Keeping up with the current affairs in the industry: LinkedIn is a great platform that keeps you updated about the latest happenings of the industry. It provides you with first-hand information related to your niche and job function.

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How to create a smart and effective LinkedIn profile?

Now the catch is how to create an effective profile in LinkedIn for students so that you can reap the above-mentioned benefits. Let us help you:

• Your picture must look professional: Your professional picture makes a huge difference. You need not get a professional photoshoot done. But at the same time, avoid vacation photos or fancy edited photographs. A professional picture is the first stepping stone towards building your professional image.

• Choose a crisp and concise headline: You need to summarise yourself as a professional using a concise, crisp, eye-catching headline.

• Custom URL: Get yourself a customized URL that uses your name. This step is extremely significant.

• The gist: This is going to be the most-read segment of your profile. This is the best part of your profile that will help you build fruitful connections. Make sure you make the summary look as engaging and attractive as possible. Here are some tips for creating an excellent summary:

1. Always write in the first person.
2. Blend personal and professional and make a perfect amalgamation.
3. Add an element of uniqueness: by using your past accomplishments.
4. Do not leave out on your present scenario.
5. Make a promising and inspirational future statement.
6. Add a personal touch, a sense of self-identity which no one else can recreate.

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• An element of completeness: Your profile should look complete. Do not leave any segment empty. Add all the necessary details.

• Experiences: Do not forget to enlist your experiences and accomplishments.

• Skills and advertisements:
LinkedIn is a platform where you can endorse your skills and promote your talent in front of your recruiters.

• Suggestions and recommendations: If you know a few people who can vouch for your capability, then request them to fill out the recommendation section for you.

• Your location:
Locate yourself so that recruiters find it easy while hiring you.

Now that you know about the importance of an MBA student LinkedIn profile and the ways to make it effective do not procrastinate and create one now!

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