Everything You Should Know About Remote Working

Everything You Should Know About Remote Working

COVID-19 has disrupted the functioning of how the world at large operates. The aftermath of this pandemic is totally formidable. But it has led to certain trends which were beforehand considered next to impossible. For instance, earlier, the concept of work-from-home was almost like a myth. Your boss would never agree to such things, no matter how hard you tried to convince him/her. Fast forward to the second half of 2020; remote working is the new normal. After a complete lockdown of almost five months, workplaces are gradually opening up but with different working norms and conditions. Work from home is the latest trend that both employers and employees are happily embracing. Your boss will not crib over your remote work anymore because it is the latest trend that has taken over the professional world.

Remote working: Meaning

Remote work is basically the flexibility to work outside the conventional office environment. No more sitting inside the cubicle and grudging over piles of paper. The concept validates the idea that your work does not require a particular place for successful execution. You need not commute to your office every day, thereby saving big on your salary. Remote workers can easily achieve their goals from within the comfort zone of their home. Working from home means it is possible to design and schedule your day as per your comfort and preference. You need not juggle between your personal and professional lives anymore. Simple, set out time for each activity, and adhere to it with utmost honesty. And you are sorted!

How to work remotely?

Remote working is versatile in nature. There are so many things that can be done to make your professional and personal lives easy and convenient. Some remote workers get to work remotely on most of the days. However, once a week, they need to attend the office for any meeting or conference.

For remote working, you may want to rely on co-working spaces. There you will get the freedom to work from home as well as networking opportunities and professional amenities. Or you may want to hit the road, explore new places, and new people while you are working on your office project.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote working:

Benefits of remote working:

  • Flexible lifestyle: You will love the freedom and flexibility that comes along with remote work. You need not spend a set time frame within the office premises. So you will be able to emphasize other significant aspects of life as well. A remote worker can complete work on time, and take care of family members, stake time out for self, and much more.
  • Passionate for work-life: When a remote worker gets to work out of the ten by six cubicle, he shows significant improvement in his performance. His productivity level gets enhanced. Working outside the conventional official set up adds a new perspective to his life, which helps him to accomplish targets and goals.
  • Saving upon commuting time and expenses: Since you need not travel to and from your office on a daily basis, you can save your precious time and money. Once you receive your salary, you will be amazed to notice that you have saved a lot more as compared to earlier times.
  • Full payment without any deductions: If you are not feeling well or cannot come to the office because your car has broken down, your boss will definitely deduct that particular day’s salary. WFH, on the other hand, allows you to take ample rest, intake medicines, and complete the work. Also, remote working does not require you to drive to your office. Just sit on your bed, make yourself comfortable, and complete that project.
  • Better health and wellness: There will be a notable reduction in your stress level. You will feel high on energy. Remote working enables you to work in an ambiance where you feel comfortable. You will not feel like taking leave since you can complete all your official work tucked inside your cozy blanket.
  • Lower carbon footprints: Remote work means a significant reduction in the level of carbon emission. During the lockdown, the weather was too good, and birds and animals loved the lack of human interference.
  • Extra helpful for specially-abled employees: Any employee who is unable to walk or commute because of some disability can work conveniently from their homes. He or she need not commute every day to the office while facing so many challenges.

Shortcomings of remote working:

  • Lesser networking opportunities: When you are working remotely, you are not in a position to actively enhance your professional network. You will be sitting at home or travelling while doing the assigned work. You will meet very few people and gain very little experience while you are inside the four walls of your house.
  • Increase in Energy consumption at home: You will spend all your working hours at home. This means your energy consumption at home will increase. You will be using AC and room heaters more frequently.
  • The decline in productivity: If you are someone who needs constant motivation or supervision, then chances are there that your productivity will go downhills while you are working remotely. Since there will be no one around to supervise you and give you orders, you may lag behind.
  • Lack of management: Working from home may lead to utter confusion and mismanagement. You may struggle to keep things organized. It may seem difficult to manage things and keep things going every day.

Remote working tools:

Remote work has become mainstream, and it is definitely here to stay. You will be able to manage your remote work far more conveniently and professionally if you use these following remote working tools. They will help you become more productive.

  • Milanote: With this tool, you can allow the visual organization. It allows you to form notes, images, web pages, to-do lists, and so on.
  • Miro: It is an online whiteboard. There are multiple templates with which you can structure your whiteboard. With this tool, you can work in real-time. It makes integration of docs, files, screenshots, cards, etc. easily.
  • Dropbox: It is a cloud-based storage system that allows the users to keep the team’s content centralized. It also allows us to grant access to external and internal stakeholders through admin access controls, user-friendly apps, etc.
  • Slite: It helps in keeping all your work processes in one place. This tool is helpful in project documentation, keeping track of team meetings, employee onboarding, and much more.
  • Clockify: This tool is great for freelancers, project managers, and agencies. It comes with a timesheet, time tracker, reporting metrics, project dashboard, and so on. It comes in handy in case of time tracking and management.
  • Microsoft Office/Google Suite: If you are working in a forward financial business, then opt for Microsoft Word. If you are a part of a content-heavy or creative oriented business, then use Google Suite.
  • Tomato Timer: This is an online tool, absolutely free, which helps you to manage your time by using the Pomodro technique. You will be able to avoid at-home distractions, and hence, you won’t lag behind even when working from home.
  • Growth Mentor: It does not matter if your team is well-distributed across the world. Growth Mentor enables you to access the much-needed resources and talents to take your business to new heights. You will be able to connect with experienced mentors who will actually care for your success. You get to choose your mentor as per your need and budget. You will learn from them through active online sessions.
  • Zoom/ Google hangouts: If you are working remotely, then you definitely need to attend video meetings and conferences every now and then. For a video conference, you can use Zoom or Google Hangouts. You can use the tools as per your budget and requirement.
  • VideoAsk: This is a new tool that involves B2B or B2C marketing tactics. You can also connect with your team even when everyone is separated by different time zones. This is an amazing video platform where you will get video calls and messages from your colleagues. You will be able to build genuine work relationships with your colleagues.
  • Loom: This is a highly popular video messaging app. You can use it for long duration videos for work, which have more in-depth and screen-sharing features.

Use these tools for making your work from home experience a smooth and hassle-free one.

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