Why Are Extracurricular Activities Essential For MBA Students?

Extracurricular Activities Essential For MBA Students

Getting enrolled on a top-tier B-school is the dream of many students. But the avenue that leads an MBA aspirant to their ideal B schools is full of hurdles and obstacles. The admission officials evaluate each candidate based on their academic and professional experiences. But while focusing on these two metrics, most of the students tend to ignore the extracurricular activities.

One needs to understand that renowned B schools seek all-rounders. So, you have to perform like a one-man-army. Portray yourself as someone who not just has a bright and meritorious academic life and enriching professional experiences but also has glorious extracurricular achievements.

If you are finding it hard to take time out for ECs while preparing for GMAT, then this blog will inspire you to pay attention to extracurricular activities as well.

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Why should MBA aspirants devote their time to extracurricular activities?

  • Extracurricular activities can make you stand out from the crowd: If you wish to stand ahead of the competition, then you must have some robust ECs experiences in your profile. LORs, GMAT, and GPA won’t serve as distinguishing factors. Rather, your involvement and contribution portray you in a better light as compared to other MBA aspirants. It can be one of the top reasons for you getting selected to any renowned B school. Your involvement in organisations, clubs and student communities enhances your SOP manifolds.
  • You can portray your contribution to the campus community: Your contribution to the campus communities of your school and college will make you a desirable MBA candidate. If you have ample experience in extracurricular activities, you can point out how you can add to the glory of the B school. Suppose you have been the captain of your college football team and have managed to bag multiple laurels for your team by using your skillsets. The admission officials will consider your profile given that you have the much-needed leadership abilities and team management skills.

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  • ECs help in enhancing your leadership abilities: MBA aspirants who are involved in extracurricular activities can offer significant value to the classroom as well as their peers. Students who have robust experience in ECs can show spectacular leadership abilities. And we all know the top tier B schools are hungry for leaders and not the mediocre. If you are in your school or college days and have not yet joined any extracurricular activities, know that this is the best time to develop the much-coveted leadership skills. Join any sports, theatre group, community etc. and contribute significantly so that soon you reach a position where you can lead the entire pack!
  • Extracurricular activities make you an all-rounder: MBA students are not just nerds. They are all-rounders who have excelled in multiple niches, be it education, profession or ECs. If you wish to add a dimension and depth to your profile, you must partake in extracurricular activities.

Types of extracurricular activities MBA students should opt for!

Are you confused as to which ECs activities can add weightage to your SOP? Here is a list of extracurricular activities that you can opt for right from your school and college days!

  • Learn to play any musical instrument: Here’s how you can combine entertainment with your ECs activities. Take up any musical instrument, preferably those that take multiple years to gain mastery. When you spend 4 to 5 years persistently learning a single musical instrument, it reflects your dedication and passion for excelling. All the while you are learning to play the instrument, you can give free lessons to kids who cannot afford to pay for the music classes.
  • Partake in team sports activities: You can join any team sports such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball etc. Give your best shot, and do not lose out on any opportunity to display your team spirit. Offer your best and help your teammates with your experience. Don’t forget to create an impact on the team results by contributing significantly to your impeccable performance. If given a chance, do not hesitate to lead your team and bring in the trophies. Manage your team like a pro, and do not let your team members fall apart.
  • Take part in volunteering activities: Take some time out for volunteering activities. You can volunteer for a community centre, church or hospital. Also, you can join an NGO and work for the upliftment and welfare of society. Put in whole-hearted, genuine efforts so that you actually bring in favourable results for the community.

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  • Mentor a child: In your free time, you can teach and mentor an orphan child or teenager. Bring him/her study materials and clothes. Teach them life lessons and educate them. You can also guide them through their life decisions.
  • Organise a fund-raising project: Another rewarding EC activity is organising fundraisers. You can arrange such events for certain causes. You can help a homeless person to get a roof over his head. You can help gather funds for pet care NGOs. You can organise funds for orphanages and old age home renovations.

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  • Join an NGO: Devote your weekends to the needy and vulnerable ones. And you can do this by joining any NGO. Working for societal upliftment, spreading awareness and trying to make this world a better place for the needy and poor can add immense weightage to your portfolio.
  • Participate in dance or theatrical shows: If you are an artist, portray your art through dance shows and theatrical performances. Participate in inter-school and inter-college competitions. Bring in medals and trophies and make your alma-mater proud and famous. All these can add up to your SOP, making you a better contender than any other MBA candidate.

In a nutshell

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! And Jack faces his fair share of hard times in cracking the MBA admissions. Don’t be like Jack. Try to reach out for the moon, and you will definitely get some stars in your pocket. Now that you have realised the significance of extracurricular activities in B school, join some of these today!

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