Transformation Of MBA Chai Wala

Transformation Of MBA Chai Wala

What will be your reaction when you hear a person selling tea after completing his degree? Some may say he is mad or he doesn’t have many skills to compete in this competitive job market. But there are people who have to choose to sell tea as their career option, and some of them are doing great. One such example is MBA Chai Waala. Well, speaking about MBA Chai Wala, this is a highly successful venture of Mr Prafull Billore. Keep reading to know more about this successful entrepreneurs story.

The Famous MBA Chai Wala

Prafull Billore is well-known in India as the MBA chai waala. He is a proud owner of this franchise. The total MBA chai wala net worth is more than three crores, and it is increasing with time. Prafull, he is a B. Com graduate from Madhya Pradesh. Most people think that here the MBA means Master of Business Administration, but here that term is the abbreviation of Mr Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala.

From MBA Aspirant to A Successful Entrepreneur

Prafull Billore, a teen from a middle-class family, was aspiring to pursue his MBA course at well-known business schools in India. At that time, he had just one dream, i.e., to join a top B-school, and get a placement in a good company with an attractive salary package.

So, after his degree, Prafull began preparing for the Common Aptitude Test or CAT to get a seat in a premium B-school in India. In fact, his family also motivated and supported him to study hard to crack the entrance exam. He was very determined to clear the exam and used to study for around 8 to 10 hours a day. Well, he appeared for the CAT exam for three consecutive years but failed to clear it. So, he decided to choose a new path, and that decision completely changed his life.

A Fresh and New Journey

After feeling disheartened, he took a break and travelled to various cities to clear his mind from those stresses. And he decided to settle in Ahmedabad and started working as a housekeeping staff at McDonald’s. He used to get Rs. 200 each day. But he was an ambitious person and always wanted to do something different. He often used to say why sell burgers for others while you can make and sell on your own?

“Dream Big, Start Small and Act Now”- this is the quote that he always keeps in his mind. So, he quit the job and decided to begin a tea stall as all people love tea. So, he took a loan of Rs. 8000 from his father on the pretext of doing a course and setting up a tea stall.

That’s how he placed the stepping stones of MBA chai waala and ended up making a lot of money with his own efforts.

The Initial Stage Was Challenging, but He Attained the Success

On 25th July 2017, Prafull began his tea shop in Ahmedabad and named it MBA Chai Wala- Mr Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala. Well, the first day went bad as not a single customer visited his stall. Well, if you want to achieve success, you should learn to wait for the right moment to come. That’s what he did.

Prafull didn’t give up and came up with a new strategy. He began approaching the customers by communicating with them in English. And that worked, and customers started coming over to the stall. He served tea along with a toast and managed to earn Rs. 150 by selling five tea glasses.

With time, this chai business gradually began to gain traction, and he put more effort into it.

Some Unforeseen Challenges

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As the chai stall business began to become popular with time, it also garnered people’s attention from different walks of life. Witnessing amazing success, the small businesses and roadside tea shops were getting bothered, and they started to feel insecure as MBA Cha Wala was massively affecting their businesses.


After a few days, he got threats from local authorities and goons to shut down the business. Well, initially, he was able to deal with the threats, but he came across a stage that threatened his health as well as life. So, he decided to shut down the venture.

However, he found a place to set up his tea shop again outside of a hospital. He thought it would be safe for him. So, he discussed with the hospital owner and got a place on rent at Rs. 10,000. Well, this tea stall business began to run.

The Growth of MBA Chai Wala

The tea business of Prafull began to grow, and his parents also got to know about this from a YouTube video. But they accepted the venture. The stall became an example of mockery as some people said that this is the last option after doing an MBA and not getting a job. But he didn’t care about those comments and gave a perfect response to them by saying that MBA in MBA Chai Wala means Mr Billore Ahmedabad.

With his efforts and dedication, he established good customer relationships and set up many cafés and franchises in India. Today, the MBA chai wala net worth is 3 crores. From a struggling student to get a seat in B-schools to giving speeches in Harvard and IIMs, Prafull is now creating a perfect example for youngsters.

What Sells Tea of MBA Chai Wala?

Well, different marketing gimmicks helped him to establish his shop. And one of the most important things that worked perfectly for him was the unique Tea Factor. Indians love tea, and when they see a person selling good tea using a unique style of speaking using the English language, they can’t resist. On the other hand, the stall also offers toasts, earthen tea cups and tissues.

Besides, he has also created a space in the shop for job seekers to attach their CVs or mention the details so that potential employers could contact them. Prafull has offered a platform that offers two important things that every youth wants, i.e., a Job and Tea. MBA Chai Wala is not just a tea shop; it also works like a physical LinkedIn platform.

He sets up a tea stall at events, marriages and rallies where it can enjoy more brand exposure as well as attract more customers. On the other hand, he also follows an effective marketing strategy, i.e., social media marketing. He maintains a robust social media presence and always stays connected with his followers.

A marketing strategy that made this tea shop more popular was selling free teas to those who are single on Valentine’s Day. It went viral and brought more customers to the shop. He also quite frequently organises open mic sessions. The stall majorly targets youth, and his unique business strategies always work.

The Successful Journey of Prafull Billore

It may be noted that the success journey of Prafull Billore didn’t end with the chai shop. With time, his stories of success began to reach every corner of the world. And he was invited by one of the top B-schools in India, IIM- Ahmedabad. That was the business school where he wanted to pursue his MBA. He was invited to share his successful entrepreneurs story with the MBA students. Besides that, he also received an invitation from other IIMs in India as well as Harvard Business School to share his story and motivate the students.

MBA chai waala Kolkata Franchise outlet
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The Future Plans of MBA Chai Wala

  • Franchise Business Model

MBA chai wala’s net worth is more than 3 crores, and currently, the business runs on a franchise business model. Well, MBA Chai Waala has an outlet in various major cities and is planning to set up outlets in more cities of India very soon.

  • Chai Stall in Events

They accept orders to set up a tea stall at different events. Their services are available for conclaves, marriages and more.

  • MBA Chai Wala Academy

As per some reports, Prafull is planning to launch an MBA Chai Wala Academy very soon. With this, he wants to offer educational facilities to people in different fields. Well, the MBA Chai Wala academy will be a MOOC- Massive Open Online Course platform and will offer different online certification programs.

Final Words

Well, after going through this Entrepreneurs story, it can be concluded that a journey to success is not that easy. You can’t attain success without commitment, dedication, hard work and investing your time.

Besides, the story MBA chai waala proves that no work is big or small. The thing that matters the most is who you will execute the work and what you will do after a failure. With great determination as well as efforts, he managed to establish a successful venture in India, and the business is now expanding.

During his journey, Prafull received threats, faced challenges, and became an example of ridicule. But he did not stop and kept moving. If you want to see a perfect example of dreaming big and working hard, then you should visit MBA chai waala.

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