Role of HR in Corporate Social Responsibility

Role of HR in Corporate Social Responsibility

While corporate play a vital role in any nation’s overall growth and development, human resource in any organization is a chief player in helping the company achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Role of HR in Corporate Social Responsibility

If the basic fundamentals of human resource of any company are in place, it can help in fostering a high-performance CSR organization.  As the human resource of an organization, the HR professionals should primarily focus on these core areas:

Promote a Culture of Social Responsibility

HR professionals are responsible for creating a culture of change and responsibility in any organization. They should create an environment fostering social responsibilities in every employee individually. As such, the younger employees who are excited about new corporate social responsibility initiatives should be selected for the purpose. A set of highly enthusiastic and committed employees would facilitate recognition programs and friendly competition.

Also, HR professionals should encourage social and community connections among the employees to help their companies in meaningful ways with the society. Through events like company matches for charitable contributions, corporate sponsorship events, and community programs, etc., employers can connect with their employees and the community.

Foster Green Practices for Corporate Social Responsibility

An organization is like an entire community with thousands of individuals associated with it. If each employee understands and abides with their responsibility towards the environment, it can play a major role in protecting the earth.

HR professionals, therefore, should implement green practices among their workforce to assist in environmental waste diminution, better corporate ethics, promoting stewardship growth and long-lasting practices aimed at improving both personal and corporate accountability.

Don’t you think that minimizing each employee’s carbon footprint can be a great way of recycling waste initiatives and getting energy conservation off the ground?

Rejoice Successes

Celebrations can play a significant role in bringing close various communities across the globe. Same applies to the corporate culture.

In order to sustain the momentum of any CSR program, celebrating success is vital. You can give real meaning to these programs by connecting company leaders, and appreciate the success of these initiatives.

In addition, by publicizing about these successes, HR professionals can create a mutual understanding of the various cultures within each region that the organization serves. This will help the local population of the area know that the company is an active participant in local issues and not only committed to providing jobs.


Therefore, if CSR of any organization is tackled properly by its HR professionals, they can make a big difference to their business as well as the wider world, too.

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