5 Online Notepads To Manage Your MBA Assignments

online notepads to manage your MBA assignments

As an MBA student, you know how difficult it is to manage your life while taking classes, completing assignments, working on projects, attending conferences, and gaining internships. We have relied on pen and paper for many years to accomplish these tasks.

Technology has now made it unnecessary to carry a cumbersome notebook and pen around with us. While on the go, you can take notes far more efficiently by using a digital notepad on your smartphone or laptop. So, you can create special assignments, take classes, work on your projects in MBA, and can make your personal and student life easier.

How does a notepad assist in managing MBA assignments?

Fortunately, many helpful online tools and applications are available that can assist in managing your studies and personal life and fulfil the specific requirements of being an MBA student.

While there are so many notepad applications to select from, it’s essential to choose the correct one that successfully fits your requirements. As a way of limiting down your options, we are presenting some of the finest online notepads that you may use for your online note-taking requirements. These will assist you to:

  • Organize your assignments
  • Project management
  • Create and maintain to-do lists
  • Make connections with colleagues and teams
  • Plan and track tasks
  • Real-time collaboration, sharing, and editing of files/tasks.

5 online notepads to manage MBA assignments

Here, we have sifted through the huge sea of tools and applications to pick the ones that may be most useful for MBA students for managing their assignments.

1. EditPad.org

For MBA students, Edit Pad is a great online notepad for taking notes, storing them for offline reading, assisting them in completing their assignments correctly in a short amount of time, and screening for plagiarism from the input notes, among other things.

When you visit this tool, you have the option of either starting a new document or uploading a text file from your computer to get started right away. To begin writing the notes online, open Editpad WordPad and start typing away.

EditPad Notepad Tool

Alternatively, you may copy and paste text to modify it and store it for later use. In addition, our online notepad enables users to upload files from a PC, Google Drive, and One Drive, among other locations. (Currently in the works.) Text may be added, deleted, and copied, and pasted into the online notebook.

In terms of speed, Edit Pad has a basic but effective user interface (UI) that is excellent in terms of what it offers. We have tested several other notepad programs, but this one stands out since it is simple to use.

Additionally, there are other tools available such as plagiarism detection, grammar checking, and paraphrasing, that are available via Edit Pad. The most beneficial aspect of Plain Text Editor is that it does not need installation to accomplish your work. Text formatting in Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Docs should be removed.

It takes the rich text and transforms it into plain text. This notepad has a rich-text editor, which is useful for formatting text. Edit pad allows you to download and store the modified text to your mobile device with a single click.

2.  Rapidtables

Rapidtables comes up to its name as it is one of the fastest and most straightforward free online notepad apps available. Nothing more complicated than opening the notepad and making use of their big text space.

In addition to opening an existing file, copying, pasting, undoing, redoing, and selecting all text are all included in Rapidtables’ set of commonly-used operations. Furthermore, you can zoom in and out of your text to get closer or a more distant view of what you’re reading.

When you are done with your notes, press the Save As button to save the text file to your device’s internal storage. Rapidtables offers the option of online storage, as well as the support for emoji.

Rapidtables Online Notepad

This online notepad is provided for your convenience. Distribute your notes on social media sites and via email. At the footer of this online notepad, you will find the line, column, and character counts. An array of additional useful utilities, such as a line graph generator, PDF converters, and so on.

3. Onlinenotepad.io

Here is another online notepad for MBA students as Online Notepad. If you need to take short notes on the go, Onlinenotepad.io is a simple and convenient option. There is nothing complicated about this online notepad’s user interface or user experience. It is as straightforward as it can be.

Onlinenotepad.io Online Notepad

The most advantageous feature of this application is that it stores your notes in the cloud. It is possible to compose a note and have it stored automatically using this application.

On the Saved Notes tab, you can see all of the last notes that have been saved. It’s at this point that you may choose whether to erase the notes or continue working from where you left off.

This online notepad provides you with the finest online note-taking experience available, which you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. With this tool, there is no limit to the quantity of text that may be written.

4. OnlineTextEditor.net

OnlineTextEditor.net is an online application for taking notes special for MBA students that is completely free to use and does not need any registration. Because of its user-friendly design, this online text editor comes highly recommended.

Online Text Editor

This application also saves any written notes that you make. The notes are automatically stored, and you may retrieve them later using the same device that you used to make the notes in the first place.

This online text editing tool includes extra functions such as determining the word count, character count, and displaying a Pop-Up window, among others, to enhance the user experience. If you want, you may also download the written notes if you so desire.

5. Anotepad

Anotepad is one of the most feature-rich notepads for MBA students. Furthermore, by establishing an account, you will store all of your data on free cloud storage.


So that you can maintain an encrypted backup of your notes and access them from another device, this is the best method available. You may also store your notes directly on your smartphone without having to create a user profile.

A notepad also allows you to share your online notes with others through social media platforms. The fact that all of these fantastic features are completely free is almost impossible to accept. It will change the colour theme to a dark setting to make it easier to read.

Please create a password for your notes to keep them safe. Make use of HTML tags to add flair to your notes. By using this notepad, motes may be downloaded as a ZIP file.

You can set up task lists, time zones, and note classifications based on the date or title of your notes, among other features.


Free online notepads are undoubtedly the greatest resource for MBA students who need to keep track of their tasks. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best online notepads specifically intended for MBA students to use when attending courses, doing assignments, and working on other projects.

No matter whether you need to write anything in a few minutes or if you need to create a reminder note, you can always make use of the finest online notepads. It depends on your personal preferences, given the variety of choices available to you. Being an MBA student, you can choose a notepad according to your requirements.

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