Benefits of E-books in Education


“E-books have many advantages – publishers don’t have to make any guesses about how many books to print, books need never go “out of print”, and hard-to-find books can be easily available. So far, the only limitation seems to be finding a way for the writer to be paid.”        ~Kate Grenville.

Benefits of E-books in Education

Gone are the days when backpacks of the students were over-stuffed with textbooks. The technological advancement, specifically digitalization has facilitated the education industry tremendously. With the inception of digital boards and e-books (electronic books), students are no more required to carry the burden of books everywhere.

The e-learning environment is a perfect alternative these days for learners who do not want to sit in the traditional classroom setting for hours on end. The availability of e-books has made online learning more affordable and convenient. All students need today is an internet connection, and of course, time to study.

So, here we proceed towards understanding the benefits of e-books in Education:

  • As said, e-books are very cost-effective means of getting information. These e-books cost you nearly 50-60 less than the print textbooks.
  • Unlike printed books, electronic books can be carried anywhere without bearing any burden. You don’t have to worry about hefting around a book bag. E-books help you keep your study materials organized digitally, and access them anytime, anywhere with a number of devices, from a PC to a tablet to your cell phone.
  • E-books are available in different languages, from English to French to German. And even if you are unable to find an e-book in the language you want, you can translate the entire study material using translator tools that are available online, that too, in a few seconds.
  • E-books offer an enriching experience than the plain text. These include video, infographics, diagrams, and even audios for narration.
  • The search feature of eBooks makes these the most preferred format of learning for the majority of students. The fact that e-books can be easily accessed and its function of quick searching when it comes to completing an assignment makes eBooks very convenient. Also, working with e-books is quicker and easier. Students can bookmark important pages and takes notes.

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